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Random Post - Maud de Longevialle for Leoca Paris (via Milk Magazine)

Milk Magazine’s (probably Google-ised) English is wonderful, and I’m not being snidey, I couldn’t order a coffee in French.
Here’s their description of the Leoca S/S 2014 collection: 74 more words

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Random Post - Miep Jukkema for Milk Magazine

You can tell a clever fashion photographer from images like this: the pose of the model is interesting enough to make you look twice, it’s interesting without being unattractive, and – the most important point – the outfit is still perfectly well displayed for the prospective client. 47 more words

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Random Post (Bonpoint, via Milk Magazine - milkmagazine.net)

This is a Pinterest favourite, and I must say that while I have my misgivings about Pinterest (shallow, uncreative, vapid, unadventurous etc.), they have some lovely boards featuring young girls’ fashions. 46 more words

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calcium is obligatory

In Milk Magazine today!
I was totally not prepared for this and was staying at the boyfriend’s so¬†jewellery, and accessories hardly seemed necessary.
When i go to the beach I’m not really worried about my ensemble~ 17 more words