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Milky Pinups: First Time For Everything

The photography gods are looking down on me because the other day I was fortunate enough to photograph one of my DREAM sessions–milky pinups! I first saw this idea about two to three years ago and knew I HAD TO TRY it someday. 378 more words

Minneapolis Boudoir

Poached salmon in coconut milk

The food that i cook for the blog often depends of what is in my fridge in my day off  work . This time salmon , lemongrass and chilli were the product that catches my attention. 153 more words


Pretzel and Breakfast Sausage Strata

Here is another delicious, and super easy Orlando pretzel bun recipe. Serve Orlando pretzel hamburger and hot dog buns at your next cookout, then use the leftover buns the next morning for breakfast in this savory strata! 498 more words

This Girl Has Recipes!

Blue Monkey Coconut Milk Beverage

I’m a huge fan of coconut water. There are times where I’ll suddenly feel very parched. It takes a lot of water to quench my thirst during these times, but a few sips of coconut water will fix it instantly. 214 more words


Castle Milk Stout

Not anything special, but probably the only South African macro brewery beer I will buy, so I thought it might be a good idea to try one after the Gulden Draak, not as a direct comparison, but just to see how the Castle Milk Stout stacks up. 308 more words


Chili time… 22. June 2014

Coffee, rum pastry

Smoothie made of banana, avocado, milk, plain yoghurt and maccha.
Totoro was not impressed :p

Quinoa chili with some avocado

Some sort of pastry


Here is the milk part ;-)

An other thing that hit me this morning was that I have never seen non dairy coffee creamer in Sweden (there might be, but I don’t know). 91 more words