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Milkweed Bloom

I was able to isolate a single flower on this milkweed.


Monarchs - Back in St. Louis

I’ve finally had a female Monarch sighting in my garden and she was laying eggs. I saw about a dozen eggs laid, but there were probably more. 70 more words


Moth and Milkweed

Haploa Clymene Moth landing for a taste of milkweed. These moths are common in the mountains of WV.

Photographic Ramblings


Humans and monarchs alike can appreciate milkweed. It is, however, less common than it used to be. Cascading effects up the food chain mean that monarchs have less to eat so fewer make the long voyages between Canada and Mexico.


I'm so excited

Can you see it?


Now can you see it? Click on the photo.

This is one of five caterpillars I could see, ferociously eating a leaf of the milkweed plant. 115 more words


Queen monarch butterfly on a milkweed

These plants are easy to grow and attract butterflies.

Who's eating whom?

Aphids are attacking the pods and stems of one of my many red milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) plants. As you know if you’ve read previous posts on this blog, 81 more words