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Butterflies by Numbers...

Summer has been busy… butterflies, kittens, art, improv, children, love, poetry, drama, life in general… time flies faster than the monarchs I release.  The weeds in my garden have gotten knee high, and the aphids have won in my alley side milkweed patch… which distresses me greatly… *sigh* … and as I sit here, a kitten nibbling on my toe, I notice that the caterpillars are hungry… Their supply of milkweed needs to be replenished… So, I must leave my writing for a moment or two… Pardon me, while I step out outside…………………………………………………. 222 more words


Mix & Match Moths

Looking like a fuzzy experiment in genetics, these Hummingbird clearwing moths (Hemaris thysbe) are true to their name. With transparent panes on their wings, they hovered like hummingbirds while drinking in milkweed nectar instead of taking the more leisurely approach of a sit-down meal.


Summer Garden

Monarch Caterpillars

False Milkweed Bugs - Who Knew?

I was never aware that milkweed plants, which attract milkweed bugs, also attract false milkweed bugs. Startling news to me that out of all the bugs there are in the world any bug would even want to imitate the true milkweed bug – I mean, what are the odds? 92 more words


Fragrant Pink Flowers Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

Last year we were looking for an interesting tall perennial that would do well in a fairly sunny and pretty wet place.  We found an 4 – 5 ft tall herbaceous perennial – … 249 more words


The State Of The Monarch Butterfly

By Heather Sadusky

This story begins with a question from a caller to the television newsroom.

Where did all the Monarch butterflies in my yard from last year go? 385 more words