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No need for preamble...

This blog is designed as the “unfiltered” version of a previous one, so whether your enjoy it or not might depend on whether you know me or not in real life. 625 more words


I wrote this a year or so ago, still so very prevalent

First I have to climb out of bed, that’s the hardest part. On a good day it’s only five flights down and out the door. 1,282 more words

On My Knees

Dating vs. Hooking Up - the Millennial Debate!

We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled adventures into my juvenile past soon enough. Unlike the narrators from “THE WONDER YEARS” or “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER”, I don’t recall every instance which happened in my life in robotic detail nor do I have enough such moments to fill seven plus seasons of network TV. 1,757 more words

Selfies: Millenial connection or Narcissim (a late Boomer point of view)?

I was in the movie theater the other day. There was a huge storm and the power didn’t go out but the movie was delayed.  The crowd had fun with it.  220 more words



“Yes, of course It’s gonna hurt. Nature is violent. The nature of the beast is violent. You know that.”
-NIN, “In Two”

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. 688 more words


The Body Love Movement Is A Complex Issue: or how hashtags are complete bullshit

Every few months a hashtag is born to revolutionise the way we all live. Huffington Post loses their goddamn minds. Finally, no adolescent girl will ever feel crippling insecurity about her body ever again. 378 more words


10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was A High School Senior

1. Ask your guidance counselor if you can get fee waivers for the SATs, ACTs, and for college apps.

2. Apply for as many schools as you can as “ 216 more words