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I'm So Happy For You (Not)

With all the big decisions coming up in my life, it’s not hard to get competitive. I constantly feel like I’m standing on a big cliff with a huge pitfall behind me while a giant hand is slowly but surely pushing me towards the edge. 449 more words



A couple work friends and I went out for lunch today.

We talked about haunted houses, and movies, and church, and favorite restaurants.

Lots of laughter in between mouthfuls of Beef Teriyaki. 308 more words


The Peace Generation....the time Celia had a day off

In Semitic languages such as Hebrew or Arabic, the word peace is commonly used as a greeting due to certain “theories” of how Adam (apparently the first full fledged humanoid) interacted with the overseeing spiritual deity on the last day of creation.


As we get closer to the start of a new semester I always wonder why students wait till the last minute to get started. You could call them 20-30 times and not receive a single document or get them to come in for a single appointment. 227 more words

Higher Education

This Describes A Good Bit of Millennials & Also Shows You How to Save the Rainforest

Apparently I’m behind on this one as it was published in 2012, but regardless, this is awesome – Especially the “cliche gringo fantasy of becoming an honorary native and leading the resistant forces” part. 15 more words