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Generation Z

Did you know about the existence of Generation Z? Barely able to call themselves ‘nineties kids’ and they are taking entrepreneurial communities by storm. They fall nothing short of smart-alecks and are being described as the most diverse generation ever. 264 more words


Ivy League schools promise success, but often lead to depression

The former Yale English professor William Deresiewicz stirred up quite a storm earlier this month with his New Republic essay “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League… 2,253 more words

¿Eres FELIZ en lo que haces? - el VIDEO

El 13 de Agosto publiqué en mi blog  “6 Insights sobre los Millenials” reflexionando sobre el reto que tenemos los LIDERES en ENTENDER los motivadores y drivers de esta Generación, para entonces… 68 more words


No Generation

What kind of leaders are we, if never listen the advice of the youngest… and what kind of future leaders are they if they never question or challenge our decisions?

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Little Evil Dulce

Interactive Map: Where Can Renters Afford to Own?

Interactive Map: Where Can Renters Afford to Own?
Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

Homebuyer affordability remains near an all-time high, so where are all the first-time homebuyers?

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I like a challenge...

No, I am not about to rant about the Ice Bucket Challenge. To be honest, there is a brilliance in getting people involved in a viral trend. 373 more words

Random Thought Of The Day 08/19/2014

As I sit here in this mall food court, I ask myself. If these millennial twenty somethings spitting out offspring like coked up Pez dispensers spent as much money on books for their children as they seem to spend on tattoos, piercings and other body mutilations, then the generations coming up fast wouldn’t be such blithering retards.