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How to be a Millenial, Ryan Howard style

‘I was the youngest VP in company history.’

‘More recently, he worked in a bowling alley.’

I watch a lot of TV. To be precise, I watch a lot of American TV, as do many people of my socio economic background and ‘Westernised’ upbringing in this part of the world. 860 more words


13 Things All Facebook Stalkers Can Relate To

Raise your hand if you’ve ever Facebook stalked someone. I don’t like liars, put your damn hand up. Everybody has stalked someone on Facebook at least once. 243 more words


College Kids Need to Stop Acting Like "College Kids"

I’m on round two of this college rodeo, having gone to an utterly pretentious art school firstly and now attending a modest state university, and I have noticed an aggravating trend. 874 more words

Animal House

Microtrend: The Sweater Dress (and how sometimes small things say a lot)

The sweater dress is a simple casual looking jumper or t-shirt dress, with ‘arms’ died around – either to accentuate the waste or loosely in a ‘drop down fashion’, if you happen to be the skinny sort of minny that can pull it off. 462 more words



Jenny Slate.

Let’s talk about Jenny Slate, the star of Obvious Child, SNL alumna, and excellent comedian in general.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. 517 more words


The New Economy

Eons ago when I was a teenager, like all my friends in school I just couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license. More than one buddy celebrated their birthday by proudly returning home from the DMV, new license in hand. 713 more words