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Party like it's 2005

A lot of people have a lot of things to say about my generation: We’re lazy, we’re entitled, we’re narcissistic. Of course, not everyone agrees on these. 850 more words


The Bitter Post

There are so many thing that make me bitter. That aggravate me. That literally make me want to go all 14 year old girl hating her parents rage. 648 more words


Resurrecting my Blog. Also, Updates.

I’m back on this blog.  Been way too nervous to show any of my writing from the past year.

In June, I returned to my job in New York City, at a non-profit that works with the adolescent inmates on Rikers Island.  849 more words


Our Ball and Chain.

Something has changed in the world with the generation of the millennials.

BY NO MEANS AM I HATING ON MY OWN GENERATION, but there are many things that I have noticed and have been guilty of doing as well. 271 more words

2015 to be a blockbuster year for Real Estate

As many of you who follow real estate know, 2014 was a somewhat disappointing year for Real Estate. Launching from the fast paced gains of 2013, most experts expected to see similar action throughout 2014 and were disappointed by slow gains and modest sales growth. 366 more words

The Shoe addict

So who says that you can’t buy happiness! Over the past 5 years I have become what is known as the emotional shoe addict…. I first noticed that I was an emotional shoe addict shortly after my messy breakup the asshole that broke my heart.  547 more words

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