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Technology Darwinism

Charles Darwin, on my short list of the all-time greatest humans, had nothing to do with the term Social Darwinism.

It was coined by Herbert Spencer after reading Darwin’s… 454 more words


912 Word Rant- Dating and Microwaves

Microwaves ruined dating-

If we follow that a microwave was invented to speed things up and to make things easier, and we also follow that speeding things up ruins relationships because you don’t honestly get to know the other person while dating. 886 more words

People and the obsession with their smartphones

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Okay, so we can all agree we do this, constantly checking our smartphones. It’s at the doctor’s office, at the gym, in meetings, before going to sleep, in the morning, out with friends taking pictures, updating statuses on social media, etc. 592 more words


Heart-based leadership

Leadership seems to be a very popular topic nowadays. It looks like everybody wants to be a leader. The problem with wanting to be a leader is that this wanting makes you incapable of being one. 226 more words


JAX Economy and Real Estate Basking in the Sunlight

Carole Hawkins of The JAX Daily Record provides a brief summary on the local economy and real estate markets after attending Coldwell Banker Commercial Benchmark’s first annual Real Estate Trends Conference where Paul Mason, economics professor at UNF spoke.  89 more words

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You Can Now Waste Time on The Internet For College Credit

The University of Pennsylvania is officially the coolest college ever. “Wasting Time on the Internet” is the name of an actual college course offered there — and no, this is not a joke. 215 more words


A matter of "trust"

No matter how hard you try, you can’t paper over a plague.  Any reasonable person would realize the importance of using all the tools in the medical bag to stop ebola. 560 more words