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You Need Candy in Your Ice Maker Immediately

With Halloween coming up, it’s more than likely you have candy on your mind. After all, you’re seeing it everywhere, but unable to eat any of it in an effort to fit into your teeny tiny spandex costume. 101 more words


You're Drinking Coffee All Wrong, Because Science

Uh oh. You know how your Starbs addiction is getting out of control, and you’re not quite sure why? Science has an answer for you. 165 more words


16 Ridiculous Things All Girls Do on Their Birthday

You can spot a birthday girl from a mile away. She’s the one walking around with a ridiculous sense of entitlement… wearing a sash and crown. 228 more words


Wealth and America: Truck Drivers have it Better than PhD's

First, an interesting look as what ‘wealth’ actually means. To quote E (albeit borrowed from the situation in Turkey) “Nobody makes money without money”, or real wealth doesn’t accumulate from salaried positions or honest time-invested work. 545 more words

Millenials who are they....?

80% of life’s most defining moments take place by age 35. I’m glad I’m taking action NOW so whatever it is that you want to change about yourself NOW is the time to change it. 112 more words

A Tale of Two Cities or What's So Great About Nashville?

Whenever I visit a new city, I can’t help but compare how it stacks up with Indianapolis. Last weekend, I visited a friend in Nashville, Tennessee, and was struck by some of the similarities and differences between them. 627 more words


@TechnopopLondon @ClassofYourOwn - a call to arms!!!

I’ve been at Technopop yesterday and today in Stratford with DEC! Class of Your Own.

Over the last two days we (a team of volunteers) have enabled EcoClassroom work shops with about 250 schoolchildren. 551 more words