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The A/C Civil Wars & 8 Other Encounters That Occur in an Office

Credits to my Co-Contributing Cubemate: Jeanette Morris

1. The Office Ghost

That co-worker you’re expecting to be at the office…but just stops showing up. Their desk is perfectly in tact and animated with stuffed animals, knick-knacks, and the best ink pens on this side of the cube farm. 486 more words


Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

So Saturday night, something funny happened to me. Not in a funny haha kind of way, but the strange variety which makes it all the more fitting that this picture started my night: 341 more words

Monday Musing: How millennials are changing the economy

With each generation of people comes new ways of learning to navigate in the world. We shed old ideas of social constructs, how to conduct business, or what industries will guide us into the future. 879 more words

I Think "More Than A Feeling" Played While I Wrote This Post But I Can't Be Sure: A Somewhat Introduction

Did you know it’s pretty hard to find a subject to blog about when your own interests are thin on the ground and superficial at that? 761 more words


En china existen carriles para adictos al smartphone

Están los carriles para bicis, para autobuses y taxis, para motos… y ahora también para adictos al smartphone. No, no te estamos tomando el pelo. La nueva (y particular) vía ha sido inaugurada en la calle Foreigner de la ciudad de Chóngqing, una de las urbes más grandes de China, y pretende ofrecer un lugar más seguro tanto para aquellos que no son capaces de levantar la vista de su smartphone como para los que se cruzan precisamente con estos… 145 more words

Let's have "The Talk".

Apparantly, I am a Millenial. Or a kid from Generation Y or Gen Y. Or whatever you want to call me or us.

Apparantly, I am narcissistic.

912 more words

Casual Sex Through The Eyes Of A GENY Female: Efficiently Getting Shit Done.

I’m at age in my life where I’m getting a trip every second day by some authoritative figure or another about the ever so infamous ‘self awareness’. 797 more words