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A generation craving nostalgia while simultaneously only accepting the new: The Millenials.

If I had five words to describe the generation that I (and every annoying teen on Instagram you love to hate) live in, they would be ‘Nineties Nickelodeon and iPhone updates’. 466 more words

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The Lilly Pulitzer Office Will Give You Serious Closet Envy

Caution: The post below is designed to give you serious closet envy. It’s basically NSFL, because it will inspire you to take your credit card on a work out like it’s never seen … I’m talking Soul Cycle worthy. 255 more words


Oh, to be young and lazy.

I woke up this morning and did what every average millennial does within the first 30 seconds of their angry rebirth; I checked my social status on my iPhone. 493 more words


Millenials dont trust as easy as boomers?

I recently commented on an article posted on RetailWire.com. and decided to add  this comment to my blog. By the way if you haven’t looked at this site, take a minute to check it out. 247 more words


The Duality of Love & Loss

Breakups are supposedly a double-edged sword, but people always want to force you to choose one side over the other. For their sake and happiness they’d much rather you chose the “I am a strong, liberated, capable woman” track over “I feel sad, lonely, and unsure.” But here’s the truth: sometimes you are both. 865 more words


The 5 Stages of Living at home

I’ve been living at home for nearly two years now. If you had told me this two years ago, I’d have completely balked at the thought. 572 more words


23 Bar Carts Your Apartment Has Been Missing

Every off-campus apartment absolutely requires a ridiculous amount of alcohol. You’re on your own, your of age (or you have a solid fake by now), and you’ve made enough friends to necessitate regular pregames. 65 more words