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Little Pink Book

In the world of rom-coms, we know that a little black book is bad news. Case in point, the 2004 film Little Black Book. The book itself is re-imagined as a palm pilot, and although it’s a piece of technology that belongs in a museum for 2000s relics better left behind, it still manages to cause the same romantic mishaps that would be expected of an actual little black book. 435 more words


Social Media and Organizations

Clearly, social media is evolving rapidly and businesses need to make sense of it in order to integrate it into its communication strategies. What does the future hold for organizations in terms of social media? 649 more words


cave painting days

When did we start being so aware of generational cut-off points. Like, modern times, with our “Millennials” and “Baby Boomers” and “Gen X-ers.” Blaming each other for things like soaking up all the healthcare dollars, or having no wherewithal, or destroying the planetary ecosystem, or not knowing real rock ‘n’ roll when we hear it. 86 more words

Am I Mad? Episode 34: Video Game Derp Is Worse Than Old Person Derp

This week Alison Lührs joins me to discuss our generation’s apathy towards midterm elections and also how Gamergate is a load of bullshit that obviously has nothing to do with journalism ethics. 60 more words

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Does the market hinge on Millenials?

Turnaround: Millennials driving housing momentum?

Housing optimism boosted by millennial confidence

Brena Swanson | Housingwire.com |September 23, 2014 | link

Baby BoomerGeneration XGeneration Y… 222 more words

National Housing News

The Interview: Part II

Go to The Interview: Part I and read it first. Then it will all make sense.

I stood up once my name was called and followed the nicely dressed man into a larger office. 1,197 more words

Awkward Antics

Book Report: Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

“Yes, Generation Y will be more difficult to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage than any other new generation to enter the workforce. But this will also be the most high-performing workforce in history for those who know how to manage them properly.” (Not Everyone Gets a Trophy – p4

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