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Consumption of wine starts at home for Millennials: report

Millennial wine drinkers are most likely to have come from a culture of wine drinking in the home, according to a new report that looked at how the digitally savvy, “obsessively social” and mobile generation is reshaping the wine industry. 294 more words


Leave me alone, I'm too busy pretending to be busy!

This past week I worked on a team toward a noble pursuit: the completion of a puzzle. This was not a crossword, a Sudoku, or Lumosity game, but an old fashioned cardboard cutout jigsaw puzzle. 546 more words

Millennial Generation

10 Tips For Leading Millennials Well - Made For More

As a generation known for lack of long-term commitments, Millennials are poor poster children for proven work and leadership. However, the tide is turning in churches and culture, with more young adults stepping into the forefront of businesses, arts, ministries, and more. 136 more words


Dark Fantasy, Dystopia, Optimism, and Generational Shifts

For some time now — although I believe (and hope) that the trend is reversing — science fiction and fantasy storytelling have trended towards darkness. Dystopia, post-apocalyptic visions, and fantasy featuring anti-heroes and non-heroes have predominated. 1,432 more words


Anatomy of a Modern Ad: How Our Purchasing Has Power

I’m going to go ahead and call it: this is the best alcohol advertisement I have ever seen. This may even be the best advertisement I’ve ever seen. 715 more words