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Teaching Life Lessons via TV Sitcoms

I seriously hate the cheesy portions on most TV shows. When the music swells and some big life lesson is about to be revealed, I usually roll my eyes and tune out until the forced moral of the story is over. 435 more words

April Ludgate

Every Every Every Generation

A rhetorical analysis of the article “Every Every Every Generation is the Me Me Me Generation” by Elspeth Reeve, which disputes Stein’s article from earlier.

Rhetorical Analysis

The New Greatest Generation

This is the very first writing assignment in the class, a reflection on the article “The New Greatest Generation” by Joel Stein and Josh Sanburn (featured in Time magazine in 2013). 643 more words


Destinations On Every Millennial’s Travel List: I WANT TO GO TO THERE

I wrote this listicle on premier millennial travel  destinations in conjunction with three other members of my capstone. It was published on Buzzfeed.

Destinations On Every Millennial’s Travel List… 404 more words


Dear GenX, Love GenY

Dear Generation X,

There seem to be some misunderstandings between us. I am writing to you in hopes of clearing things up, recognizing each other’s strengths, and becoming better co-workers and friends. 576 more words

Young Professionals

4 Ways To Better Understand Millennials

The KCM Crew believes that 2014 will be the year that Millennials re-enter the housing market in a big way. Here are 4 posts to help better understanding of this generation. 222 more words

Millennial Generation

I’m also very skeptical of the Time/BBC/mainstream media (there, I said it!) coverage of the story because they have an agenda and that is to condemn and slut-shame in the least outwardly slut-shaming way possible.

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