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Mining Emotions: What Makes Us So Invincible?

This article was posted exactly 4 years ago, October 2010. It’s worth revisiting….

Originally posted by Remittance Girl here , we are asking what is happening to us today due to a mass media and technological revolution. 898 more words


Vroom Vroom Vroom: Cars are gadgets too!

“I drive a car that’s covered in fur, because before the automobile, there was the horse.”

Jarod Kintz

Far too often have I heard the Millennial Generation described as lazy and entitled narcissists, who don’t own their own cars and still live with mom and dad. 700 more words


Shades of Black and White

A picture of an outhouse was posted on my Facebook this morning with the instruction to “Like” if I knew what it was and had used one. 1,411 more words


Welcome to adulthood, am I there yet?

Please fill out the resume, list your experiences. Pour out your heart and soul onto a piece of paper. Hope for the best, send it out into the world and hope someone decides to hire you. 546 more words


The case for Jon Oliver (with video!)

Sunday night Jon Oliver wrapped up his first season of Last Week Tonight, the HBO faux news program that did a better job of reporting news stories than some real news outlets ( 432 more words

Fishing Lake Wylie

We’re driving around in my brother’s new Mazda 3 hatchback, a red go-cart of a car my parents just bought for him. Its a rainy Sunday, my only day off, and one of the last days my brother will be in Rock Hill before he returns to Charleston. 2,261 more words