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PepsiCo launches 'Caleb's Kola', a new & artisanal product variant

PepsiCo has released a new, artisanal cola product variant that targets the millennial generation by going back to old-fashioned.

Named after Pepsi’s inventor, Caleb Bradham, the new ‘ 70 more words

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How to Employ a Millennial

Are we really just an over-entitled, over-indulged generation with a taste for technology and no work ethic? A group of self-righteous kids with impressively useless degrees?   458 more words


Urbanization is ‘new normal’ for Canada, report says

The surge in city living over suburban living is no longer an “emerging trend” but “the new normal” as millennials — and a growing number of their parents — transform downtown cores across much of Canada at dizzying speed, according to a new report. 512 more words


5 Reasons We Millennials Suck

I feel like the Millennial generation (not sure if I believe the above demographics) is just a big unfortunate waste of human potential. Engulfed by a world of technology, we seem to lack many of the basic skills that our parents and their parents used in their every day life. 489 more words

What Is the Value of News? A Reminder

What is the value of news today? This is a question that came up this week as our class and others across the country participated in The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s first… 534 more words

The Hardest Truths for Teenagers in Proverbs

A while ago I introduced the teens in our student ministry to this list of 20 truths that I felt hit home with teenage life. We read through the list first in its entirety. 646 more words