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Part 1: you want team athletes to work for you... but only some of them.

i have been a competitive athlete for my entire life. playing team sports for so many years, i have learned what it takes to be a team sport athlete. 532 more words


Baby Boomers and Millennials: Different Job Markets

A recent Careerbuilders’ article calls our attention to the different job markets nationally being experienced by baby boomers and Millennials. As I look at Ashtabula County, the two population groups appear to be experiencing similar realities to those described in the Careerbuilders’ article. 209 more words

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Preparing for the Millennial Apex

Are Millennials ready for the world? Countless articles have asked this question, but this is the wrong question. Millennials will have more spending power than any other generation by 2018… 366 more words

Occupy Wall Street

Answering the Call to Worship

Today I had the extreme pleasure of having lunch with three ladies that are MYF youth sponsors with me.  This group of wonderful women have taken me under their collective wing and are mentoring me in the fine arts of leading an MYF group. 881 more words

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The Luck Health Plan, Let's Hope You Never Get On This Plan

The Onion did something weird.  They partnered with Get Covered Illinois to come up with an advertising campaign aimed at the Millennial age group.  They wanted to get the message out that 20 and 30-year-old young adults are not invisible.   133 more words

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So here it goes. The blog that will set off the beginning of the rest of my life; the blog that will place meaning upon my millennial ideals; the meaning that I’ve searched and yearned for these past 27 years. 1,829 more words