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Generation X should be excited to hire Millennials

Millennials, or ‘Generation Y’ as we’re sometimes called, have gotten a pretty bad rap when it comes to the workplace. It’s been said that we are lazy, that we expect everything to be handed to us and that we don’t have a good work ethic. 545 more words


An Evolution - Not a Revolution

I didn’t come about this ideology immediately. No, it’s been an evolution.

Let me begin by imparting a bit of history.

Chapter 1:

I was born in the 1980’s, the decade of decadence. 1,342 more words

Mining Emotions: What Makes Us So Invincible?

This article was posted exactly 4 years ago, October 2010. It’s worth revisiting….

Originally posted by Remittance Girl here , we are asking what is happening to us today due to a mass media and technological revolution. 898 more words


Vroom Vroom Vroom: Cars are gadgets too!

“I drive a car that’s covered in fur, because before the automobile, there was the horse.”

Jarod Kintz

Far too often have I heard the Millennial Generation described as lazy and entitled narcissists, who don’t own their own cars and still live with mom and dad. 700 more words


Shades of Black and White

A picture of an outhouse was posted on my Facebook this morning with the instruction to “Like” if I knew what it was and had used one. 1,411 more words