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Another one bites the dust

Hi yes, here you see a blog. Another blog, a blog which happens to be my blog. A blog in which will contain posts about, you guessed it – me – about what, you ask? 235 more words


7 Ways To Remember How Important You Are

Every once in a while, we all get down on ourselves. Something happens to trigger a bout with depression and feelings of inadequacy. Your parents forget to call you. 658 more words

Millennials and Marriage

Lately, it seems that everyone my age is getting married: people I went to high school and college with, people I work with, family members, random strangers… but that’s apparently not true, based on statistics cited in… 457 more words


The Activist's Guide to Texas Rising

Curious about Texas Rising? Have no idea what it even is? If this be the case, look no further than this very helpful blog post

Selfie-Lovers Are Abandoning Their Black Cats Because They 'Tend Not to Photograph As Well'

It’s a sad, sad day when you come to value the quality of your selfies more than you do your own pet.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) says hundreds of black cats are being abandoned by their owners. 241 more words

26 Business Terms that Children Can Understand

Kids nowadays. They’re more technology savvy than any other generation in history. I mean, I could program my parents’ VCR (remember those?) better than any adult, but come on. 693 more words


Backpacker's Hymn

We travel on paths that millions have walked before to see things that countless lenses have already captured. But we go to see them for ourselves, allowing our vision to expand our mind. 95 more words