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Star Wars Ice Cube Tray from Lakeland

Another item from Lakeland that featured the Millennium Falcon was this “Star Wars Ice Cube Tray“. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come as just the Falcon but as a single tray featuring the Death Star, AT-AT and Star Destroyer. 32 more words

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Star Wars Cookie Cutters by Lakeland

Well, Star Wars kitchenware certainly seems to be the thing for me this month.

I recently bought a Millennium Falcon cake pan from Lakeland and it’s pretty cool. 49 more words

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Battle Report One X-Wing Miniatures 25 pts

This is the first battle report as me and Kenny B try to play X-Wing miniatures by Fantasy Flight. We opted for a low points game to get a feel of things without adding the special characters are rules. 867 more words


Millennium Falcon by Nicolas Bannister

This lovely print of the Millennium Falcon in the Asteroid field is by French comic book artist Nicolas Bannister and it will soon be available at SDCC at the… 97 more words

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Weekend Beer Picks

Whereas the first six months of this year have passed fugaciously, this week has been interminable. Every day I have looked at the office clock, or the computer clock, or the iPhone clock and have become whelmed with anguish that only an hour has expired instead of the four I had felt. 289 more words


"Here Goes Nothing" by Chris Thornley (aka raid71)

This stunning work by Chris Thornley (aka raid71) is called “Here Goes Nothing” and shows the Millennium Falcon as she flees the inside of the Death Star after destroying it’s reactor core. 44 more words

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Harrison Ford breaks leg; Production to take two-week hiatus, but Star Wars Episode VII still on schedule

Disney announced last week that production on Star Wars Episode VII will take a two week hiatus due to Harrison Ford’s recent on-set injury. The 71-year-old actor injured his leg in June while filming the anticipated sequel at… 138 more words

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