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Ahhh!!! NUMBERS!!!

It’s always numbers that detonate those safety charges in my mind when I think about the Universe. Whoever first decided to call it space surely had no possible comprehension of how accurate a term that actually was. 1,185 more words

The story of the first painting to sell for over a million pounds

Richard Cork relives the extraordinary moment in 1970 when a Velazquez’s portrait smashed the world auction record at Christie’s 722 more words

Early showing of Mockingjay brings in $17 Million!

So Aurora and I, plus some friends, went to an early premiere of Mockingjay last night (November 20th), along with approximately 2 million others around the world(if I calculated that right), bringing in about  80 more words

News & Updates

Worthless Can Become Priceless.

When people buy Diamonds, they are focused on the Beauty and Sparkle of the Gem. They never focus on what the process that was taken to get to the glam. 194 more words


Women got 7 million SEK bill for giving birth in Hawaii

A women had an pregnancy insurance before she left for a trip to Hawaii. 9 weeks to early her daughter was born, according to Expressen TV. 124 more words

Bad Things

CBN depreciates Naira by 182 kobo

The declining fortunes of the Naira continued, yesterday, as it suffered another182 kobo depreciation at the foreign exchange auction conducted by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. 176 more words




Proverbs 20:13

Love not sleep,lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes,and thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

“No food for lazy man” is a common slogan which originated indirectly from the bible. 214 more words