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Pledges (Deut 24:6-24:6)

“No man shall take a mill or an upper millstone in pledge. That would be taking a life in pledge.”

You cannot take the thing that makes bread, the millstone, from anyone, even as a pledge as collateral. 12 more words

Setting up exhibition in Brixton Windmill

After two days of teetering on ladders, lugging plinths up and down wooden stairways, and burying a lightbox in bark mulch, I think I’m almost ready for the private view of my latest exhibition at… 274 more words


Event Reports: False earthquake report in Minnesota and a false start on maintenance in Connecticut

Two items from today’s Event Notification Report page on the NRC website:

1. Friday afternoon, the Seismic Monitor at Minnesota’s Prairie Island nuclear power plant indicated an earthquake had occurred. 313 more words

Nuclear Power

Millstone Justice

A few years back, at an old Spanish ranch in California, I took a picture of a millstone. It was an enormous, heavy stone circle, and I marveled at its magnitude. 327 more words


Of ancient Malawi’s milling stones (mwala wamphero) and ritual baths

During ancient Malawi ritual baths when healers would gently hold people behind or near their head and hand to dip them under water and out again as if cleansing them of evil and wrong doings, the act was seen as resembling the grinding process of a milling stone when the hand stone is rubbed back and forth in a washboard motion to grind the grain. 719 more words

Ancient History Of Malawi

The Sad Life of a Camel

This is a sad story without a likely happy ending and I still feel very touched by it, so much so, I need to share it with as many people as possible. 748 more words