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Alright, Enough Already!

I’ve had it up to here with the “Ohmuhgehrd, it’s teh sexh!” responses to the Spider-Woman cover.

This one here:

Yep… that’s Spider-Woman alright.  Red costume, webbed under-arms, black hair… That’s Jessica Drew.   1,385 more words

Ouch! Artist Does 3-D Rendering of the Spider-Woman #1 Cover by Milo Manara

Hey Legion! Jenna here. You guys responded in huge numbers when we posted the variant cover for Spider-Woman #1 by Milo Manara. Some of you defended the artist and his right to work in his style. 185 more words

Legion Of Leia

Double Page Spread ep 91- Steve Bryan

​Wendi offers up her opinions on the Milo Manara “Spider-Woman” variant and free speech. Then she gets into it with the affable Steve Bryant, discussing unmade David Lynch projects, what it’s really like at SDCC for small press vendors and speculating what the comics from his children’s generation will be like. 45 more words

The Taylor Network Of Podcasts

About that Milo Manara Spider Woman cover.....

Milo Manara is an Italian comic artist who has been drawing comics for decades best known for what the middle class would call erotica and the rest of us call porn. 624 more words


Are Progressives The New Puritans?

I didn’t even know that Milo Manara was still alive. As a teenager, which was a long time ago, I used to drool at the beautiful and sexy women that he drew on the rare occasions that I managed to borrow or steal any of his comic books from my older and wiser brother. 422 more words

'Spider-Woman' Cover Artist Milo Manara Compares His Critics To Terrorists

Okay kids, here’s the thing. Drawing is hard, drawing under a deadline is hard, drawing under a deadline when the paycheck really isn’t that great is hard. 782 more words