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Common Core Origins: A New Book on the Horizon

As a long time supporter of public schools, a former public school teacher, a teacher educator, and a believer in democracy and local school governance of public schools, I am pleased to announce that my book The Origins of the Common Core: How the Free Market Became Public Education Policy is on the horizon.   438 more words

Common Core

"Friedman Friday" FREE TO CHOOSE "Who protects the consumer?" Video and Transcript Part 5 of 7 "The most anti-consumer measures on our statute books are restrictions on foreign trade."

In 1980 I read the book FREE TO CHOOSE by Milton Friedman and it really enlightened me a tremendous amount.  I suggest checking out these episodes and transcripts of Milton Friedman’s film series FREE TO CHOOSE: 3,215 more words

Milton Friedman

The leads and lags on monetary policy are long and variable

Many Keynesians, Friedman notes, advocate “leaning against the wind.” By this they mean, in some sense, that the monetary (and fiscal) authorities should try to balance out the private sector’s excesses rather than passively hope that it adjusts on its own. 657 more words