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C.S. Lewis Account of Mimetic Desire

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963), a former atheist who converted to Christianity, became well-known for his series of seven fantasy novels The Chronicles of Narnia, but the fame of this series sometimes overshadows other work by this fascinating author. 2,722 more words

René Girard

Achever... the Social Sciences?

It is often said that René Girard is like “the Einstein or Darwin of the social sciences or the humanities.” According to Girard, however, the social sciences… 3,961 more words

René Girard

The metaphysics of Mysticism

One of the really fantastic things about mimetic theory from a scientific perspective is that we are able to give a coherent anthrotheology (one of the great things about being a philosopher is having the sole prerogative to make up words) that even an atheist can figure out and understand in terms that make sense to her. 2,735 more words


There and back again

Hello world!

Back again after several months of hiatus (and meltdown!) – this blog was formerly at desidelerium.wordpress.com “Philosophy and Mimetic Theory”. After a few theoretical and personal revisions I’m anxious to start writing publicly again, and so here we are. 813 more words

Mimetic Theory

How I learned to love "Romeo and Juliet"

When Parker first told me we were doing “Romeo and Juliet,” I’ll admit, I wasn’t too excited.  It had been my first Shakespeare play with him in high school, I had studied it in English class, seen countless film adaptations, and several live performances.  727 more words