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Skylark on the Hudson, Jersey City

Our major chores are always left until the weekend since we’re busy as bees during the week. There was one Saturday when we did 4 gigantic loads of laundry and some very intense house cleaning. 207 more words

Restaurants & Bars

Prairie Ecologist Spam

Ok, this is pretty tangential, but I just have to share.

One component of this blog that is hidden to everyone but me is the abundance of spam comments that show up in my queue, waiting to be approved or deleted.   571 more words

Prairie Photography

Day 2: Mimosa (Women)

I tried this scent twice today because I wasn’t sure how to explain how it smelled like the first time around. And let me tell you, to spray this baby twice is painful because I’m trying to save all 8 spritzes that this sample contains. 174 more words

Weekend Happenings

Being a server, weekends are the busiest days of the week. Thankfully, Mimosa was only left for long periods of time (5+ hours) twice instead of the normal three times, because of mine and Dustin’s alternating schedules this particular weekend. 413 more words

German Shepherd

Possible Foster Fail?

A lot of people have been asking me if Mimosa will end up being a “foster failure.” My response has remained unchanged, even after getting to know this sweet girl and working with her: 253 more words

German Shepherd

World Cup Final


Cobi and I were in San Francisco for the World Cup Final, so we Googled “Best German Pubs” and came across Leopold’s.

We went to check it out the day before, to see how big it was and decide how early we should arrive. 369 more words