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Madness is back this week. "This Is Why We Rock."

MADNESS is back for the second to last time this semester. Third-year MFA playwright, Bianca Sams,  is producing. Her prompt is “This Is Why We Rock” Madness. 45 more words

Alumni News

The Mystery of Shadrach Mims

Nothing with genealogy is as simple as I thought it was. Things were a bit different in older times when life spans were shorter and health care was sparse.  390 more words


Famous People We're Related To

I started my family tree on Ancestry.com in December of 2012. I never expected it to take me this far into history. I took a break for most of 2013, and I have been back at it lately. 560 more words


Guess Who Else Shares A Birthday With You Today!

If today is your birthday, well happy birthday to you! Check out which other celebrities share this special day with you!

Elvis Stojko (42)
Cody Gifford (24) 34 more words