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Muezzin by Cemal Süreya

You hopped into bed,
But your hymen is on the table.
Never mind, Allah be praised.
There is more than one way to skin a cat. 42 more words


A Voice From the Minaret

I live in a largely Islamic neighbourhood. I stay up late, mostly into the wee hours of the morning. Every morning at exactly half past four in the morning, a voice pierces the night. 351 more words


The Mosque Down Town

The minaret of one of several mosques in downtown Manama is pictured against the setting sun and rows of apartment buildings. Of the hundreds of pictures I take, those of the setting sun – and the coast – remain my all time favorites – and bring forth something new each time.

Picture Of The Day


There is a hill behind the minaret (that you all know, because of my snowy hill photographs) but it doesn’t seem now… :)


Rising High

One of countless beautiful sights in Istanbul, Turkey. I only wish I could capture the splendor with a camera.



Casablanca! I eagerly looked forward to experiencing my first impressions of the north African country of Morocco. What was I expecting? Not what I saw anyway. 467 more words