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Obito vs Naruto, Sasuke! Madara vs Hashirama - Naruto Shippuden 379

Naruto Shippuden 379 shows the beginning battle of Obito vs Naruto, Sasuke, Minato and Tobirama while Madara battles Hashirama. We also follow smaller journeys of the past where Minato could have stopped Obito if he knew, while Hashirama is reminded of their fight while they were younger. 627 more words

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Obito Ten Tail's Jinchuuriki! Madara's Rinne Tensei - Naruto Shippuden 375

Naruto Shippuden 375 impresses as Kakashi vs Obito see’s the win to go to Kakashi however Obito is quickly taken control by Madara to which he plans on using the Rinne Tensei. 851 more words

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Happy Birthday Naruto! Everyone's Goodbye - Naruto 691

Naruto 691 see’s the end of the war as Hagoromo mentions that he will be sending all the Kage’s and Edo Tensei’s back to their peace, while Naruto tells Minato to tell Kushina that he’s fine. 965 more words

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