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Lettuce parcels with spicy minced beef and chickpeas

This is another slow cooker recipe.  As I have said before I love my slow cooker.  I made this in the morning, fed Senior Fingleton at 5pm and then added some hot chilli powder and let it cook for another hour or so before we ate it.   264 more words


Ayam Kodok (Chicken Frog)

Ayam Kodok or literally Chicken Frog, is one of Indonesian dish. Well, let’s make it simple : stuffed chicken.

In Indonesian word, ayam mean chicken. Ayam goreng (fried chicken), rendang ayam (chicken rendang), saté ayam (chicken satay) etc..etc.. 1,004 more words

Chicken Recipe

Beef and Vegetable Frittata

So I made this last night and it was DEElicious! I’ll even admit I was a bit sceptical about putting minced beef in a frittata, but it totally worked. 283 more words


Kheema mattar (curried mince and peas)

Minced beef is usually spaghetti or meatballs in our house. This spicier dish gives us a much appreciated change of pace.

Kheema mattar (curried mince and peas)

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Ćevapčići & Chips

Ćevapčići are lush! My parents and I used to go to Slovenia and Croatia every other summer or so when I was a child and this was one of the things that we took home with us (figuratively speaking, we did not travel a thousand kilometers with meat in the boot) :) 353 more words


Minced beef cobbler

I have lots of minced beef in the freezer, but was a bit fed up of using it for our usual go to meals of spag bol, chilli or burgers, so I came up with this dish, it is not going to win awards for presentation, but it is warming, filling and very tasty. 345 more words

Home Is Where The Heart Is

When working, or living, away from home for long periods of time, there are times when we long for the comforts of home. And nothing is more comforting than the home cooking of your girlfriend/partner/wife/mum. 1,135 more words