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Day 618 Quantum Reactions to Someone Being Blasé

Within listening to Suppression: Energy Effects – Atlanteans – Part 223, it is suggested to bring up a memory where there is an energy attached to it and investigate the energy. 2,227 more words

A 7 Year Process

Day 616 Quantum Mind Reactions to Death

I have been re-listening to the Quantum Mind Awareness series since it was pointed out to me that I am more in my quantum mind than some and so I wanted to familiarize myself again with how it works and how systems are created as energy. 1,314 more words

A 7 Year Process

Day 610 Reactions to Withdrawn People

Yesterday, I had someone stay with me who was very withdrawn and didn’t engage with me except to answer questions in monosyllables to which I reacted to and then reacted to my mind reactions. 1,699 more words

A 7 Year Process

Day 609 Reactions to People Who Snap at Me

Yesterday I was talking to someone on the phone who was driving in over 100 degree heat and they were doing some errands for me that I cannot attend to and I asked them a simple question  in a monotone voice like, “did you get the so and so?” and they snapped at me telling me that they didn’t because it was too hot etc etc. 1,077 more words

A 7 Year Process

Day 602 The Quantum Mind and the Evolution of Common Sense

The other day I was up against a group of people with a particular mind-set about something. One of the people said that the group thought within common sense and that I should just go along with it since that is the way it is. 821 more words

Mind Consciousness System