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Vertical Hypnosis

Lately, I’ve been practicing going into trance while sitting up. Yes, not unusual for some, but this was extremely alien to me and has taken quite a bit of effort! 1,115 more words


PODCAST -- Remedy Roundtable 03- with Joe Atwill, Bill Joslin, Ryan Gilmore and Jan Irvin – “Operation Transhumanism” – #208 | Gnostic Media

Gnostic Media
Aug 21, 2014

This episode is our second edition of Remedy Roundtable 03, titled: Operation Transhumanism.

Released on Thursday, August 21, 2014. Recorded on Monday, August 18. 613 more words


Researchers Achieve First Successful Telepathic Transfer

Zen Gardner
Aug 22, 2014

by Nicholas West



There has been much speculation about what could be achieved in the area of human brain-to-brain transfer of information. 609 more words