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"The Christmas movie from Sony Pictures I want to see is Seth Rogan and James Franco rectally feeding Dick Cheney at the climax of a movie sequel called 'The Enhanced Interview: Saving the Homeland One Dick At a Time.'"

“For this advancement (or degradation) in cultural aesthetics — at its worse, there’s the film series brand Saw — we have to thank the advent of cell phone cameras and government torture facilitators like Dick Cheney, who as a young man was soft, delicate and privileged enough to willfully avoid service in Vietnam, but as an old man with a bum ticker became powerful and ruthless enough to advocate torturing human beings in dungeons with hooks in the ceiling and drains in the floor to whoosh away all the hosed off blood, piss and shit from the previous eight-hour work shift.” 166 more words

Liars Vs Truthers

Mind control is already a part of modern life, and the science of pupillometry will only permit a greater intrusion into our privacy.

“Pupils react to many different stimuli including lightness and darkness, intoxication, excitement, neurological condition, cognitive effort, and so on, and they’re movements are incredibly precise. Scientists can detect and measure things like sleepiness, emotional state, sexual interest, race bias, moral judgments, schizophrenia, memory, attention, depression and even autism.” 99 more words

Police State

These weapons are used secretly and from a distance, permitting cowardly perverts of the military and secret services to torture and to even murder innocent people.

Today, innocent citizens of our so-called “democracy” have and are being tortured in their homes, through walls and windows for over 20 years.

  1. Attacks by radiation weapons and chemical substances…
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Police State


Carl Clark: I observed people for a long period, eavesdropped on their talks. I also had the order to confuse these people. Therefore I penetrated secretly into her houses, took away things or shifted one or others. 462 more words

Police State

This is my friend from Brussels talking about being targeted. (At the conference they said they figured most of it was NSA.) From 2011, she says the information is old.

The gentleman speaking with her also spoke at the conference.  He owns whitetv.se, and is a student of Dr. Konstantin Meyl, who made Tesla technology work.   23 more words

Police State

Wisdom Wednesday: Mind Control

I am so blessed to have a conspiracy theorist for a mother. She has provided me with insight into some amazing ideas and aspects of society that I may not have seen otherwise. 146 more words

Food For Thought