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Gap – a scary word.

Mind the Gap it says in capital letters painted at the edge of the tube platform – Mind the Gap or you might fall into it. 899 more words



Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects

By Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby (Birkhäuser)

When it comes to designing the next “smart” electronics, is smaller, faster while featuring more apps always better? 298 more words

Mind The Gap

A Visit To Museum de Fundatie In Zwolle.

And The Planners Blind To What They See.

The Museum de Fundatie is to be found in the ancient and beautiful Dutch city of Zwolle. The museum itself holds an outstanding collection of paintings that are well lit and the staff are friendly. 1,000 more words

Modern Times

Van Gogh Revisited.

The Threshold, Part 6.

Take a careful look at the sky in Vincent van Gogh’s picture of potato planters. Can any of you recognize the swirls in the sky? 823 more words

Mind The Gap!