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“It is essential of the happy life that a man would have almost no mail and never dread the postman’s knock”.  -C.S. Lewis

Sometimes we just need to get away from it all.  

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No Time To Think

ONE of the biggest complaints in modern society is being overscheduled, overcommitted and overextended. Ask people at a social gathering how they are and the stock answer is “super busy,” “crazy busy” or “insanely busy.” Nobody is just “fine” anymore. 1,217 more words


Focus, mindfulness and meditation

This post will begin exploring the practical benefits of mindfulness. Today’s focus will be focus.

There are a few ways to achieve mindfulness. One method that’s gained recent attention in the Western world is… 384 more words

Prefer Pain over Boredom? Less Ethical at Night?

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MEN PREFER PAIN OVER MIND WANDERING: Most men would rather shock themselves than be alone with their thoughts. And while only 6 of the 24 women shocked themselves, 12 of the 18 men did so. 157 more words



So today, in the middle of my science class, my mind started wandering around thinking about pictures and cameras. Since you probably know, those have been around for quite some time and there’s so many ways of sharing a picture like developing it or transferring it from a USB to your computer or simply passing it on to your phone and then being able to post it anywhere in the world wide web where everyone will now be able to see it. 318 more words