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Dating A Narcissist: The Late Intro


I should have typed an intro to these particular posts but instead just fell straight into typing what was in my head.

A friend encouraged me to come back and start to share some of my real experiences and things I’ve learned about over the past years. 428 more words


From Real Madrid CF

Our coaching director, Coach Kei Kinoshita, has been in Madrid from August 17th for the 2014 Real Madrid Select Program which is invitation only program for only up to 36 qualified elite level players from all over the world. 572 more words

Youth Development

*Misleading Memories*

There must be thousands words you have ever said to me, but now I remember only few of them. Sure they are filtered by my mind in parallel lines to my desires, drawing an unrealistic image of yours.It is then when I realize, I cannot even trust my memories, as they too are misleading… I remember only half of their side – the brighter one, the darker side being ignored intentionally by my loving heart. 150 more words

Personal Corner

Leaves 34

Briefly forgetting
the transparency of mind -
vivid sunlit leaves


Time for a small change

     For the last couple of weeks I was struggling to write anything here. My motivation levels just hit the ground level.

I had plenty of ideas, however any time I was try to write I just could not manage to do it. 201 more words

On Point

| | | | | | | | | | | | |
Each sharpened
pin entered with
the audacity of
a thousand flying
fists. Flesh ever… 14 more words