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Dreams and their meanings

Doesn’t everyone remember their dreams? That’s a question I used to ask often when I was younger because I thought that everyone could remember their dreams and analyse them when they woke up. 357 more words


Take a Trip With Your Imagination

Take a trip into the future with your mind and explore all that you’re capable of.

Envisioning means imagination to see yourself in the future. The skill of time travel! 96 more words


Self-Care needed

Today was a hard day. I’ve been dealing with triggers all week, but today was the worst. There’s been a lot of talk about DV on my timeline. 314 more words



Friday morning.
I was at work, just filling up the water bottle, and BAM I feel as if someone has corseted me up. A sharp ache across my chest. 162 more words

Perfect Imperfections

Today I sat on the couch and looked down at my feet and got one of those waves of hatred against my body. It completely overwhelmed me as it always does, and I couldn’t stop noticing all the “horrible” things about myself. 207 more words

Inspiration And Self-love

How to Detox Your Body Without Juicing or Restricting

This excerpt from Mind Body Green below is spot on. Having a history of disordered eating, and having gone on a 3-day juice cleanse, I can attest that juice cleanses are not worth the hype and may create more harm than good (both psychologically and physically). 703 more words

Spiritual Cupcake

Muddy, Muddled Thoughts

Muddy, Muddled thoughts
Most of the time my mind is always flowing and undertaking many independent thoughts that somehow in its own special way interlink. 279 more words