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Daily Prompt: Dust in the Wind

1. Love: completely, unabashedly, without reservation
2. Publish: be it a book of poetry, the next great American novel, memoir, or something research based
3. Travel: so many great and beautiful places to see… 50 more words


(Not) Always

I can’t remember which New Year’s eve was it but I feel I have to tell this story today. Please note that some of the descriptions I relate in this post came from my… 449 more words



aesthetics that make others feel comfortable.

socially accepted.

mould yourself. fit into the expectations.

replace your face, wear your mask. don’t make it permanent though. 127 more words

Power Of Words

How do words on a page transform into a world inside our head?

This is something I’ve always wondered. Have you ever had that moment when you are pulled back into reality when reading a book? 121 more words


Hermann Hesse, Narcissus & Goldmund (Art & Philosophy)

“…[W]hat has art meant to you, what has art brought to you?”

“It was the overcoming of the transitory. I saw that something remained of the fool’s play, the death dance of human life, something lasting: works of art. 391 more words


There’s the dilemma and desperation, a repetitive feeling in our current lives bringing us down.

It’s Easter Sunday and just one more day until I have to return back to college. I’d really love to hope that maybe I’m not the only one really struggling with getting back to routine.  273 more words