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Why Does The Mind Speed Up Near To Death?

This was an extraordinary question to be asked from a man who is in the final few days of his life. This is a question that has caused me to pause and reflect upon everything I know. 828 more words


Just flow

Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free.

Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.

This is the ultimate.

- Chuang Tzu

Happy Monday, everyone ;)



Silence the noise
that smothers your sound
eating up the voice
in your conscience.

I am left
with strewn scraps of irrelevance
filling up spacious contents of my mind. 240 more words


Simplify - Weekly Wishes 01/09/14

Last week’s wishes: 25/08/14:

  1. Wallpaper: start stripping some wallpaper in our spare bedroom. Dependent on return of our stepladder. It wasn’t returned so this is 0% completed. 
  2. 227 more words

Recipe: Vegan "cheesy" vegetable soup

Challenge: Try 23 new recipes (22 of 23)

Date: August 25, 2014.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

7 Vegetable and Cheese Soup

As fall approaches, I feel the urge to make soup. 194 more words



Where are you, he said
Her mind echoed the question
To her Self.

Where am I, she said
Her conscience echoed the question… 29 more words