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How NOT to support someone with depression

Supporting someone with depression can often feel like a minefield – how do you know what ‘supportive’ actually looks like, without being too in-your-face or too standoff-ish? 1,437 more words

Food For Thought

Food Coma

The debate, at the moment, is whether I should give into strutting to the kitchen and slathering a generous mount of peanut butter on some left-over oatmeal, or still my craving, for good. 354 more words


Wisdom vs. Knowledge vs. Intelligence

Disclaimer: I am aware my definitions of these terms are simplistic, and they are all multi-faceted terms with subtypes, but I am reducing those facets into broader terms and goals, which to me and my restless mind is still a useful exercise. 674 more words


Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds

I am very excited for the arrival of my baby Hawaiian woodrose seeds I have on order. I have never tried them, or any other kind of mind altering, conciencness expanding substance before and I can’t wait to give them a try. 206 more words


How To Recharge Yourself

Do you sometimes feel exhausted and overworked? Do you have to deal with stress and frustration, with negative feedback and criticism, or with failure and disappointment? 319 more words

The Wallflower File

File. New. A Wallflower.

For the longest time, I had never fully realized that I was actually one. It took even longer for me to actually admit it. 611 more words


Is Sherlock Holmes a Show Off?

Ahh…Lets not really get mistaken with “being too confident with what you do” and “being a show off”.

I mean…come on! i don’t blame him…He’s charming and a super genius in the same time! 214 more words