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Ignorance is not for Christians

When the term “ignorance is bliss” is employed it is often used to try to stay aloof of some of the problems in life. For a Christian, that is very dangerous. 439 more words

From The Pastor

How to Meditate. Part 2: Walking Affirmations.

Here’s the second installment of meditations to do wherever you are and for whatever you’re doing!

I wrote about how to do a foundational practice meditation in… 699 more words

Health And Wellbeing


once a path, now a ‘reflecting’ puddle … (click to enlarge .. )

there is something coming
from the depths of my brain,
… next … 106 more words


thank you nancy and genie

   by  !efatima 

All of my life I have experienced mood swings. For years I thought my emotions were something I had to fight, to stop from appearing when anyone else was in the room. 669 more words


Cultivating Mindfulness

For me, this quote by ancient Chinese, Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu, seems to perfectly epitomise the essence of mindfulness.

For those who are unfamiliar, mindfulness is essentially the art of being able to cultivate true clarity of mind and freedom from judgement, so as to be able to appreciate living life fully, in the present moment. 737 more words


Salvation may be found

“The salvation that may be found “in the forest” is understood, above all, as the preservation, or recovery, of the individual’s freedom, psychological and concrete, in the face of of materially superior forces intent on imprisoning him – by violence, intimidation, or propaganda – and exploiting or destroying him for their own gain.” 11 more words


Word of advice

Emotional memory is a resource we can but shouldn’t do while acting. When we use our memories to create emotions, we swallow the interpretation we’re doing. 105 more words