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Beauty Report: The beach and being in the present moment

My partner and I went to the beach on Monday. Being at the beach erases all troubles and allows us to be our most natural selves. 140 more words


This Quote Is So Powerful... Life Changing!


So I am currently listening to a talk by Esther ‘Abraham’ Hicks – an amazing Law of Attraction/Spiritual teacher.  If you have not heard her speak, you must check her out! 710 more words

11/365 - the upside down umbrella

When it rains, it pours. Nothing weeps off and cascades, it collects until it bubbles over. There is a small leak where the canvas meet the tip that only the most concentrated and determined droplets secrete and escape. 79 more words


Back to Rome

Okay, so last week I kind of skipped out on the Building Rome Challenge. This wasn’t because I was giving up, and not because I didn’t accomplish the goals and felt “unaccountable,” but because last week was just a really crappy week for me.  544 more words

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Timeless Harmony

A high degree of culture and insight

are required to experience

the eternal in transient forms,

to see the timeless harmony

in the momentariness of phenomena, 24 more words


Commonly Asked Nutrition Questions: #1 What is the deal with Organic?


So I am started a segment called ‘Commonly Asked Nutrition Questions’. I would like to say that I am not an RD yet, I will be graduating with my Bachelors in Nutritional Science in 5 short months and have been studying this field for over 5 years. 736 more words