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Gluten-Free Options For Your Diet!

This post comes to us from  our clinical dietitian, Laura Palazzolo, MS, RDN. For more information, contact her at 303-689-5948.

Bread, the staff of life.  461 more words


Another Plug for Mindfulness from the Humanism in Medicine Blog

How I Left the Walking Dead for the Walking Dead Meditation humanism-in-medicine.org/how-i-left-the… Even a geezer can change—
James Amos (@jamostheelder) August 13, 2014

I thought I’d share the…

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Can We Walk The Talk About Preventing Suicide?

I may have to rethink my resolve not to practice what I call the Walking Dead Meditation. I know I’ve made fun of it and, of course, the real name is the Walking Meditation. 1,676 more words

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Think Twice Before You Mandate Mindfulness

What are the habits of highly humanistic physicians? humanism-in-medicine.org/what-are-the-h… There it is again–Mindfulness!—
James Amos (@jamostheelder) August 04, 2014

Well, I’m back in the saddle again after experiencing a difficult move to a new house in the last 3 days.

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Why Meditate?

The Stigma

Meditation need not be the stereotypical ‘ommm’ image I’m sure many of you have in your head from either TV or miseducated family members. 1,628 more words


Acupuncture and 3 Nutrients To Ease Chronic Stress


Acupuncture And 3 Nutrients To Ease Chronic Stress


A growing number of studies and research is discovering the powers of acupuncture and its role in stress management and alleviating anxiety. 792 more words


Mindfulness Versus Mindlessness

Is your doctor burned out? Why doctors are set up for stress wp.me/p5HMd-cBGe via @TIMEHealth Are we paying attention?—
James Amos (@jamostheelder) July 22, 2014…

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