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Just give me some peace!

Do you get like this? Does it all get to you, the media images, bad news mongers, advertisers clamoring for your money, relatives wanting something from you, weirdos following you on social media, co-workers, neighbors, your partner, kids, parents or siblings draining you? 225 more words

Back with a bang: Mindfulness Training

I had to do this. I had to start writing my blog once again. This is because I have started training myself in Mindfulness so that I can start using it with my athletes. 108 more words

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

In February we promised more on the topic of mindfulness, specifically in relation to reducing stress when dealing with cancer. Cancer Support Basel is delighted to announce the following event: 240 more words

Guest Speakers

Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation

I often share my commitment to meditation with friends, family and sometimes psychotherapy patients and guidance clients. It is my hope to spark sufficient interest in the practice that others might try meditation for themselves and find the many blessings from the practice that I have received. 1,492 more words

Should There Be a Fee for Meditation Instruction?

Should learning to meditate be free? Should instructors be paid for sharing their expertise?

I’ve been thinking about these questions intensely since attending a recent meditation teacher training in which the answer was a resounding NO. 748 more words

I would like to introduce myself.

As an undergraduate student of anthropology, one of my required classes is called field research and the whole year is devoted to conducting an anthropological study of a subculture or lifestyle in the Montreal area. 1,143 more words


The Guts - Inner Athanor and Transformational Powerhouse

By Julia von Flotow

It’s in your belly that dreams are born…the desire for something awakens hope and with hope comes possibilities activating the imagination, the creative indwelling Spirit and the heart’s best friend. 120 more words

Life Coaching