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Depression and Gray Matter in the Brain

Depression causes gray matter in the brain to decrease. This is important to keep in mind when looking at studies of trans people’s brains as many trans people have experienced depression. 1,134 more words

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Wise and Affectionate Inner Attention

In Asian languages, the word for mind and the word for heart are the same. So if you’re not hearing mindfulness in some deep way as heartfulness, you’re not really understanding it. 275 more words

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Five tips for a more content life.

The restless demands of life, career, family and home often turn day to day living into a treadmill. By just making a few small changes to our outlook, this treadmill can be slowed down. 373 more words

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Mindfulness - the new buzzword for good reason!

Mindfulness seems to be the big buzzword at the moment. Not that that’s a good reason to look into something. However, about a year ago, during a particularly bad depressive episode, being unable to get any worthwhile help from the NHS, I attended a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course at the north London Buddhist center. 540 more words

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MBSR C1: The Raisin

First class, A ‘The Raisin‘.

Everyone who’s seen Bill Moyer’s 1993 documentary, “Healing and the Mind” knows what I’m talking about.    Jon Kabat Zinn walks around the circle of participants and spoons a raisin into each awaiting hand.   225 more words


Meditation Shortens Migraines By 3 Hours

Can you namaste your migraines away? A new, small study published in the journal Headache suggests that meditation may help relieve the intensity and duration of migraines. 230 more words

Speed Cleaning v. Mindful Cleaning

Cleaning is not an activity that brings me joy. Perhaps, after the deed is done, I take comfort in my small accomplishment that I get to avoid for another few weeks time, but for the most part it makes me angry. 513 more words

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