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Farewell Letter ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Before he died on 17 April 2014 at the age of 87, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombia’s illustrious Nobel Laureate for literature, had declared his retirement from public life. 657 more words

Jack Hammersley

Advice for Integrating Mindfulness into Your Everyday Life

Mindfulness meditation has a number of benefits that range from reducing stress and anxiety to boosting cardiovascular health. You may think that mindfulness is reserved for meditation. 138 more words


TAO TE CHING verse 8.

The highest good is like water.

Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive.

It flows in places men reject and so is like the Tao. 45 more words


Day 2 - Mindfulness Meditation for the Modern Life

As we enter week two, we continue our discovery of mindfulness meditation practices, a discovery rooted in kindness and care.  We discussed the importance of a more clear and stable mind before we enter into the practice of vipassana or insight.   629 more words

Sheila Singh

The Art of Being Mindful

Finding peace in a stressed-out, digitally dependent culture may just be
a matter of thinking differently

The raisins sitting in my sweaty palm are getting stickier by the… 4,194 more words

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A difficult feeling needs....

A difficult feeling
needs to be deeply experienced…
seen to pass

Stephanie Mohan April 2014

For meditation and reflection

How skilful are you in mindfully recognising difficult feelings and cravings when they arise?

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Amaravati Retreats

Very excited and a little nervous – first time helping to cook for a retreat at http://www.amaravati.org Ajahn Jayanto in May :-)

If you are curious about Buddhism, check out their wonderful retreat schedule. 19 more words