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Day 2 - Mindfulness Meditation for the Modern Life

As we enter week two, we continue our discovery of mindfulness meditation practices, a discovery rooted in kindness and care.  We discussed the importance of a more clear and stable mind before we enter into the practice of vipassana or insight.   629 more words

Sheila Singh

The Art of Being Mindful

Finding peace in a stressed-out, digitally dependent culture may just be
a matter of thinking differently

The raisins sitting in my sweaty palm are getting stickier by the… 4,194 more words

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A difficult feeling needs....

A difficult feeling
needs to be deeply experienced…
seen to pass

Stephanie Mohan April 2014

For meditation and reflection

How skilful are you in mindfully recognising difficult feelings and cravings when they arise?

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Buddhist Blog

Amaravati Retreats

Very excited and a little nervous – first time helping to cook for a retreat at http://www.amaravati.org Ajahn Jayanto in May :-)

If you are curious about Buddhism, check out their wonderful retreat schedule. 19 more words


MS: Let's talk about Mental illness...mine.

Today I want to write about mental illness… my own.

Anyone who knows me, just a little would use these words to describe me: happy, cheerful, and never stressed. 575 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Forest Sangha Calendar, April 2014.

“There is one essential point that all good practice must eventually come to,

and that is not clinging. In the end,

all teachings and teachers must be let go of.”


HOW TO: Balance Your Life & Create Harmony in Your Mind

Life can be a friend or a foe. There are only so many hours in the day to get the many things we have to do accomplished. 522 more words

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