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Who IS That Fat, Ugly Old Lady?

A few weeks ago I spent two days observing a presentation training class to learn new techniques being used in the field. Within minutes of starting the program, the group was told each one of us was going to filmed NINE times throughout the workshop – and that included me. 462 more words


Stop for a while

I have been asked for advice twice this week from very different people in comletely different situations but my answers to both people have been very similar. 447 more words


A Fitness Farce

Mindfulness is all the rage. It is working its way into education systems, prison systems, social work, psychology, and medical studies galore. But why has it not taken off in the most likely and fertile place: the fitness industry? 615 more words


I snapped it back.

I’m in the middle of a 30 day challenge, attempting yoga everyday for a month. On Sunday, after what feels like the hundredth Vinyasa of class – I go in for a runners lunge, and hear a snap, as my toe gets stuck on my fancy new mat. 146 more words

now here & nowhere

POSTCARD#63: Chiang Mai: Going home in a tuk-tuk with M sitting beside me, small body-mass pressed against my side. The urgency of speed, kinda scary, canvas roof, no walls and immense sound of 2-stroke engine fills our space. 808 more words


Be As Mindful As A Dog!

(Please not this is not advice, this is just my experiences)

Have you ever heard of mindfulness? I can seem a bit of a bizarre concept at first. 998 more words

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Running With It

Three months ago an idea was born. Today I’m ready to share it with you.

We were headed to our Alma Mater for an alumni panel I was speaking on. 599 more words

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