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It's funny how we can feel apart from this world. We are, by our mere presence, an integral part of it.

It’s been an interesting day to practice observing the present moment, and my presence within it. Every time I caught myself with a brief moment to spare, I tried to pause what I was thinking so that I could remember this big, beautiful world we live in. 117 more words


Just Around the Bend

Have you ever delved deeper and deeper into the forest, heart skipping as you anticipate new surprises around each bend?  I have too.  Seeking new surprises, stumbling upon mysteries, and pressing forward to newness can be deceptively addictive. 365 more words

Writing Prompt Wednesdays: Beauty, Truth, and Love

The giant, abstract concepts of Beauty, Truth, Love, Joy, and other things that mean the most to us can be REALLY hard to write about in a grounded, specific way. 232 more words


A Choice Not Clear

In the depth of darkness
the pain of body
the fear of mind

In the depth of darkness
even the hopelessness
in the depth of darkness… 61 more words

Allow an experience to be more important

Allow an experience to be more important to you than the thoughts floating through your mind.


Day #17

National Poetry Month: Day #17

Today’s Napowrimo prompt was to write a poem in which I very specifically describe something in terms of at least three of the five senses. 86 more words


How to never have problems

You don’t have a problem—you have a solution you don’t like.

- AA saying

I notice I keep getting stuck.

Some things just keep happening over and over again in my life.

224 more words