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The Cycle of Externality and the Way Out

Relying on external circumstances to make you happy is one of the fundamental problems with the human race today. Inner peace is an easy concept to grasp when most things are going your way, but challenging when you need to actually put it into practice. 413 more words

Bodhi Blog

Peace of Mind: The Struggle of Life and Yoga

The Place: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Philosophy: I have practiced yoga long enough to know that it is a spiritual, mindful and ascetic practice meant to bring awareness, positive energy and light into your life. 346 more words


Memory Monday: The Garden Jumpers Chase

I have been having a look through some of my old belongings that have been in storage for the better part of a decade now and stumbled upon a few old stories that I wrote when I was a kid.  537 more words

The Flat Cap

raisins and wine: a practice of mindfulness

I suspect I am not the only person who has a childhood memory of wanting to try what Mum or Dad was drinking. I recall being surprised when the request was granted and I eagerly took that first sip of beer, wine or whatever the coveted substance was, only to be mortified by the abhorrent taste. 562 more words

Yoga & Spirituality

Mindfulness killing Ignorance.
Mindfulness antidote 2 ignorance
product of our so dearly loved mãyã.

Mindfulness, product of meditation (is what) enlarges
connection & Meditation (is what) enlarges compatibility…
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Do you think you see

The layers inside of me?

Help me set them free.


Mindful Monday: Projection: "What I see is who I am"

It’s Labor Day, so I am shamelessly taking the day off and letting Cheri Huber speak for me with a great quote about projection. We all project, yet it can be a shock when we learn about projection and understand not only how often we do it but how long we’ve lived without knowing that we do it. 320 more words