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I attended therapy for the first time yesterday and it was overwhelming. Really, it was just an introduction, but already I had fear piling on me knowing that I’m about to unwrap wounds that need to be cleaned and mended. 216 more words


The Benefits of Meditating on a Regular Basis

Meditation calms. Your body is physically relaxed and ready to perform to its highest potential. Your mind is empty of thoughts and you can concentrate on the one thought or task that you are engaged in at the moment.  783 more words



I have trouble believing that there is a benevolent God who is interested in each individual on the planet.  The evidence is against it.  Would a benevolent God allow the destruction of the Malaysian flights?   79 more words


Still here

You are the landscape
Whizzing by the window of
My high-speed train
Losing your clarity
Blending your borders
Indiscrete, blobby
A fragment, a stone
A flake of dirt… 13 more words


So what do you DO on a silent retreat??

My sister asked me this the other night:

“So what do you DO on a silent retreat?”

It’s a good question, one that worried me tremendously on my first silent retreat 14 years ago. 895 more words


* * Peace begins with a smile..” ― Mother Teresa *

.Booby Clark today in fairness.

Bobby Clark; Philadelphia Flyer, hockey….the undisputed captain,,,an undersized but passionate, inspirational leader of the broad street bullies, a revered sports team,,world champs. 39 more words


Anything But Job Search – Minding Distractions

During my career counseling clients’ follow-up sessions, I usually ask them to share what job search activities they have engaged in and the results if any. 903 more words

Job Search