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Small steps

So finally finally, I was more or less able to do the stretcher lift with 170lbs…still need to work on form a bit, but I see hope! 113 more words


My Writing is Destroying My Marriage

Okay, I was originally planning on sharing an exercise on tension awareness and release from a fabulous book I’m reading, but then I engaged in a difficult conversation with my husband for the second night in a row, and being the (mostly) intrepid explorer that I am of my inner universe, I felt called to do some Work around the subject of my writing and the effects it has on my marriage.   1,560 more words


Sometimes, Mommy Needs a Martini

I don’t mean that you need to go off on a bender or anything like that. I’m saying that as a mom, especially in the crazy, I-might-not-get-to-use-the-bathroom-before-next-Thursday way that some of our kids have us running between activities, sometimes we have to make time to stop, barricade ourselves in the bathroom, and hope they don’t figure out how to pick the lock. 326 more words


What's personal

You should not take personally things that actually aren’t personal.

It turns out when you start to really dig down underneath it, there’s very little that’s personal. 27 more words


1 Samuel 26 Reflection

While reading 1 Samuel 26 the other day I was amazed at the fact that David had the opportunity to get rid of his enemy once and for all by killing him; however  312 more words


Posuwistymi ruchami wcierasz w siebie balsam. Przesuwasz palcami, powoli, po każdym centymetrze ciała. Wędrujesz leniwie od stóp, przez uda, pośladki i brzuch aż po piersi i szyję. 436 more words

Slow Down