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The Funny Thing About Advice: Not Taking It

I’ve always said, it’s easier to talk about other people’s problems than your own, even when it comes to finding solutions. It’s a funny thing though, when you think about it; everyone’s problems are somehow easier to deal with than your shitty problems. 254 more words


Walk With Me

Take my hand.
Walk with me along life’s path,
Through fields of grazing sheep,
Toward the summit’s splendour.

Loaded down with picnic hamper;
Basket full of snacks and treats… 112 more words


Embracing the Ennui: Retreat, Respite and Relaxation

Written early August 2014, a few days into our summer trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

Here I am. In Morocco.

Here I am, needing to refine my ability to ‘just be’. 3,055 more words


Trade in Multitasking for Mindfulness

Do you often find yourself doing two or more things at once? Maybe you respond to emails during meetings at work. Or maybe you talk on the phone while you’re running errands. 496 more words


Touching the Ground

I was having days of really being lost in old stories.  I could hear the old voices, they have nothing new to say, but the more I struggled to get out of it, the more unbearably entangled I became. 562 more words


Letting the mud settle

“Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and and the water is clear?”


Words Matter

Do to-do lists achieve anything?

Apologies for the less than catchy title. I have become frustrated recently by my obsession with to-do lists. I am frustrated by having things to do in general. 603 more words