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How to never have problems

You don’t have a problem—you have a solution you don’t like.

- AA saying

I notice I keep getting stuck.

Some things just keep happening over and over again in my life.

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Of Places Or Faces..

April is almost ending. I still cannot believe the fact that the first quarter of the year vanished; and I believe that next three months will be too hot to slow down, they will melt quickly to the summer sky to get ready for another autumn again. 237 more words


The Future of Influence (Part 2)

People with professional backgrounds similar to mine often feel challenged by the question “What do you do?” Since my graduation from college about 20 years ago, I’ve made a living in consultancies consumed by an identity crisis. 1,021 more words

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The Search

He’s no longer here
in the present
just an echo
of the past -
left behind in
little clues
for me to find.
A name in a paper, 35 more words


Gone but not Forgotten

That’s the last substantial tree gone then. My newish neighbour hates trees. Thinks they are going to fall on her so told me of her plan to uproot everything along our boundary. 49 more words


The mark of the Dragon

Fiery dragon’s-claw
Scars the Welsh skyline.
Feels like coming home
Now we are in the
Land of my Mother’s…