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working out mobile games

so I have been writing out more mind maps about games being developed on android or iphone i have been figuring out some stuff and looking at how the games manage to gain so much profit from the public… 7 more words

A Workshop on Testing for Programmers

An idea had been twirling around my brain for a while. Then it became more and more insistent on breaking into the realm of reality. In the context of continuously learning about testing, and in the context of recognizing the ongoing challenges of programmers and testers working together, I realized that I need to do more about it. 2,237 more words

Collaborative Brainstorming with LucidChart

I recently stumbled across a great tool about which I’d temporarily forgotten, so I thought I’d share it with all of you, particularly those who want to maximize Google Drive’s possibilities in their classrooms. 72 more words

A Historical Map of Jewish Liturgical Diversity

This map, which was created by Aharon Varady and posted at opensiddur.org, is one of the best resources I’ve ever seen describing the rainbow of Jewish identities. 56 more words


Painting the Jewish Diaspora

This painted “mindmap” was created by Ward Shelley. I found it here. Make sure you click on it and view it full screen, and expand it to see its details. 231 more words