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Catching the dream

I’m reaching out
to catch the lights
in the distance
and put them
in her room
to glow
with a silver radiance
and tell her… 67 more words


Lonely universe

While billions of golden
shimmering objects,
woven into the
dark blue blanket
over my head,
light and flicker
to the rhythm
of my heart,
my sleeping soul… 42 more words


Peace-Centered Chaos

The lake was calm which was strange because the wind was howling and the clouds surged across the sky.

But the water in front of him in the lake was as calm as a pond in an indoor zen garden. 191 more words

Former Guardian


When I
close my eyes
I see
the whole universe
full of stars,
someone’s suns,
in the infinity.

When I
spread my arms
I am… 20 more words


Interview, Blog Tour and Scavenger Hunt Clue

Today we are participating in the VACANT Blog Tour and CLUE inspired scavenger hunt. It is all part of celebrating the release of VACANT, the fourth book in Alex Hughes’ Mindspace Investigations series.

1,463 more words
Book Talk

The birth of beauty

I’m twisting
as a ribbon of time
in the eternity
of parallel worlds
falling softly
in the cotton darkness
while the roses of cosmos
bloom… 52 more words


Classic Track: Mindscape & Jade - Unpleasant Surprise

Today’s classic track comes from what some see as the golden era of tech/neuro D&B and harks back to a techno-influenced side of the sound which is seldom heard these days. 48 more words

Drum & Bass