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Coming home

She sleeps
in the cove
of human happiness.
A dove-blue sky
asks from above,
captured with the chains
of a window frame,
changing colours
from dark to a darker, 159 more words



She waits and waits
a very small miracle
to be born as a life.
She seeks oblivion
in the books and stories,
terrified with coldness… 136 more words


Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon
is knocking on the door.
Waves slowly take
remnants of the memories.
The ocean sways
on the blue planet.
unread books,
an unfinished necklace, … 50 more words


Moment of ordinary life

An open book
on the table.
uneaten lunch
at the same table.
A glass
half full
(or half empty
it all depends on how
you look at things) … 30 more words


Anna (2013)

Anna is bananas in this thriller about a girl who has some issues and they send a “Mind Detective” to just get her to stop her hunger strike. 144 more words


The Queen of The Parnassus

Wrapped in a cloud
she winks all shiny.
The rainbow is in her hair,
her royal decoration.

From her magical treasures,
with hands full of sparkling gems, … 60 more words