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The windy shore

I went
to the shore
of the eternal sea,

the waves
caress my bare feet
while I’m gazing
at the sun
into the distance
of the ruddy horizon, 28 more words


Garden of the mind

And now I run
in the soft embrace
of the velvet night
chasing dreams
like butterflies
in the garden
of my mind

© 2015 Katarina Nedic… 8 more words


Colouring the sky

When I got up
this morning
the sky
has not
welcomed me.
Its pale,
tired face
with lowered eyelids
looked colourless
and lifeless.
from my imagination… 23 more words



On the wings
of will,
I fly
to the sky
and above,
from the blue heights,
through the whiteness
of my vision,
I look down… 55 more words


The names of the stars

in someone’s mind
I reside
behind the thoughts,
beyond time
and the space
constrains me,
I whisper softly
in a trance
the names… 13 more words


Depression to me

I posted this in a disability support group, and it’s rare for me to be able to get out more than just “over it” or other short things to shrug off what’s happening in my head, so on their advice I shared it with my family, closest friends, and new friends so that maybe they can understand a bit more what’s going on with me. 736 more words


Catching the dream

I’m reaching out
to catch the lights
in the distance
and put them
in her room
to glow
with a silver radiance
and tell her… 67 more words