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A friend from afar

The moon and the sun of my joy.
The glow in the sky
illuminates the path I walk.
Through the woods and wilderness.
Through the thorns and nettles, 166 more words


The Tree of Life

In the house of my childhood
grew a beautiful tree.
That tree is now covered by snow.
It’s cold, shivering in the winter.
The branches are bare and sad. 164 more words


Colour mix

The colours are mixed:
green and purple,
blue and yellow,
shades of gold,
black and white …
Varicoloured forms,
assembled in the hope
to become a beauty… 43 more words


Evening sky

The evening sky is dark, deep.
One star shimmers in the vast blackness.

Is it cold out there, on the evening sky,
in the middle of that empty dark land? 59 more words


Faraway sea

The sea is faraway
and the sun warms it.
Warms its surface,
warms the sand and the heart.
The sea extends endlessly
on this blue planet. 266 more words


The cliff

Rein in the thought.
Rein in today’s day.
The time inevitably passes
with the speed of light.
And, before you know it,
a bright, unclouded day… 133 more words


The Blues

Sleepy, dreamily
of dream fazed,
of thoughts I fear,
fears I’m counting.

Silence sways
in a glass of wine,
trace of a gloomy sky
lurks through the window. 74 more words