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A perfect moment

A stretched arm
touches the world.
The murmur is
everywhere around –
the cheerful music
of life.

© 2014 Katarina Nedic. All rights reserved.

Michelangelo – The Creation of Adam, c.1510 (detail) 7 more words


With my eyes closed

With my eyes closed,
I walk,
lighter than clouds,
through the mist
of vibrant thoughts
like hibiscus flowers.

Around me
the beads of stars
are smiling. 82 more words



What once were
beautiful curls of silk hair,
now are hideous heads
of ghastly reptiles
which are hissing
around her head.
It’s like their venom… 129 more words


Happiness is a friend

I was walking every day,
sitting by the river
and listening to a murmur,
looking up at the sky
and searching for
a friendly eye. 103 more words


The rhythm of laughter

The city bustle
sticks to me
like the burdock
in a field.
Gloomy streets,
cracked windows,
peeled facades …
An old lady
better days… 60 more words


The green tree

Did the darkness cover
the world already?
This day passed
in a moment of time.

I’m trying to escape
from the bad dreams
somewhere in the… 48 more words


The rainy day

Silk threads
of raindrops
are rustling,
while the
desperate sky
groans in agony,
roars in anger.
The faded horizon
sadly looks back.
are walking… 59 more words