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One Reason For CHURCH

This weekend began with a powerful thunder and lightening storm lasting what seemed like forever, unusual for our area. The storm’s explosions of noise and brilliant fireworks, lighting the darkness of the night and early hours of the day, was an epic display of the power residing in the atmosphere. 540 more words


Competition and Contemplation

I had a lot to be grateful for this year, developments and opportunities I was eager to share, but I deliberated for a while before deciding to share some of my very private thoughts about singing in this year’s Musical Merit.  731 more words

Photos By Sopranos

Be a Visionary

Once you know your ‘why’ and have your goals written out (they must be written not just in your head) you can create a fantastic vision to keep you on track…here’s how…


3 Lessons Learned from Running and Their Business Applications

11 Years of Running have taught me several life lessons. I would like to share just a few them, not to motivate you to run, or even to exercise, but to motivate you to take action of some kind. 722 more words


How to Leave a Narcissist

Most victims of Narcissistic abuse waste years of their lives not knowing whether they should stay or leave, torturing themselves with self-doubt.  The reasons for this vary, but in the end, victims are… 1,232 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Is Change Really That Bad?

Is It Really So Bad?

Most people, in my experience, instantly cringe at the thought of change. Whether large or small, if it’s not a change that you chose to put in motion, your first thought is not a positive one if you fall in the majority. 385 more words