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Women in Tech Have to Work Harder in for the Future of Women in Tech

Since embarking in a career in technology, I have become far more aware of the gender imbalance in the industry. I have worked on teams where we only had one female developer who worked harder than any of her male counterparts to prove herself. 464 more words

What Will Mindy Kaling Wear on the Cover of Her New Book? She Instagrams Some Fab Options!

When Mindy Kaling revealed last month she was releasing a second book, we were thrilled—and although there’s currently no release date set for the new collection of personal essays that will be titled  200 more words

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Let's help Mindy Kaling pick a book cover look!

Sex and the City has taught us, among many other things, that it’s fun to pick out your author-friend’s outfit for her book cover.

Though we don’t have any friends who plan on posing for hardcovers any time soon, we do follow Mindy Kaling on Instagram. 121 more words


Sold! So great to sell another print of "Reaching Out!"

My drawing, “Reaching Out”, is really getting around!  It is my best seller and was selected out of over 3 million works of art on Fine Art America to be on The Mindy Project on FoxTV!  35 more words

Kendall Kessler Art

This is a thing now.

As someone who once blogged semi-professionally and now Internets for a living, it’s been pointed out to me that my not having (and having never attempted maintaining) a blog is 50 Shades of Strange. 207 more words

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Mindy Kaling Knows

If I could find a tweet that describes me most accurately, this tweet from Mindy Kaling would definitely be number one.

Mindy Kaling