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Grab my hand and never let go.

Grab my hand and never let go.
Let’s go to Venice, Italy and go on a gondola ride through the Venetian canals. Let’s fall in love with each other all over again under the bright, starry sky and giggle like little kids when tomato sauce from our pizzas end up all over our mouths. 553 more words


Vintage-looking cross-stitch samplers

A while back I bought three different vintage-looking wall hangers. I found one in a bookstore in Paris, another one in Butlers shop in Athens and I think the third one was from Zara Home… Anyway, I wanted to put them in the entryway in my home. 133 more words


I remember he said

“Look, I love you, but if loving you means

Hating you every time you leave,

Then I’d rather love you forever but… 22 more words

my life this week: random rant

So I’ve gone to spend some time with my family, and met my cousins new baby and he is gorgeous! Got myself a morning wake up frappe and me to with my best friend! Missed her so much #reunited


I am afraid. 

I have no right to be afraid.

Not after the endless amount of poetry

I wrote about how fearless I am.

I am afraid because… 83 more words

Hidden Magic

Lonely hearts ache for those
Who crave nothing
Who find more comfort in silence
Than the broken symphonies
That fill their veins
Who’s eyes crave to see stars… 55 more words


01/01/14, 12:00 AM

At twelve in the morning

on New Year’s Day,

you fulfilled the wish that had

been swimming in my head

since the very first of May. 96 more words