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Check Out My Fancy New...


Swanky, no? Yeah, I finally decided to spend that entire $26.00 and make it official. I feel so sparkly! ;)

(I wish this post had a point other than URL glee, but it really doesn’t. Sorry about that.)


I think we’ve all been tricked by time before. 

We have watched it peel off the skin of hope

And eat the flesh of life and… 325 more words

Sticks and Stones May Break Her Bones, But Those Words Will Surely Kill Her

Look over your shoulder and you see a girl,


Angry at herself and scared of the world.


The marks on her body, the scars, are hints, 177 more words


[Fanart] Happines is Chanyeol (?)

Yaay! I like this art! I like the model of this poster lol! This is one of my most fav pictures of Chanyeol Park :)) 13 more words



I told her ‘darling it gets better’ but she didn’t believe me. I wouldn’t have believed it either. But it did. One morning I woke up and the world wasn’t dreary. 433 more words



You’re dangerous because

You’re making me want to write

And share it with the world.

You’re making me want to build up courage

Just to talk to you. 53 more words