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Wither And Iron Golem Advanced Genetics!

Advanced Genetics from an iron golem and a…dare I say a Wither!? That’s right another episode of Minecraft Resonant Rise is here! In this episode of Resonant Rise, I quickly setup a new quarry and then Tommy and I start the creation of an iron golem and a Wither! 44 more words

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New ClashWars Server!

I just blab while decorating my room. I really need more stuff to talk about.
IP: pvp.clashwars.com


Combining Many Mods To Make Automation

IndustrialCraft 2 is an awesome mod. In combination with EnderIO and Mekanism, automated mining will commence! In this Minecraft episode of Utopia3 Complete, I demonstrate how to make a bunch of different machines that will allow you perform automated mining. 59 more words

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Dungeon Boss!

As Tommy and I continue through the Chocolate Quest dungeon we run into more and more difficult enemies. We also continue to get more and more valuable treasures. 62 more words

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Ender IO machines, an obsidian generator, and the first venture to the nether. What could go wrong!? Well, for one, I might accidentally pour a river of lava through ‘The Spiraling Tower IO’ Cobble’. 88 more words

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Volcanic Dwarven Dungeon!

Action packed Minecraft dwarven dungeon run with Tommy! In this episode of Resonant Rise, Tommy and I decide to go into a volcanic dungeon. Inside we find a dungeon swarming with dwarves. 76 more words

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