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pancake2247's Whitelisted Server

Sorry this server is only for my friends. But I also play on pvp.clashwars.com.


My New Book!!!!!

I am writing a new book, called “dumcheese’s Book Of Awesomeness!”

It will include lots of stuff, like origami instructions to stuff i’ve invented, Dum Cheese Stories that have never seen the light of day, and more stuff too! 17 more words


Superflat Survival ep. 5 - Suspenseful Ending

Yay! Timelapse! I successfully did it with the help of Movie Maker. I’m sorry if it’s a bit choppy but it took me a while so don’t get spoiled!


Mineplex Server FAIL with pancake2247 and brichey44

This video is really bad but I decided to upload it since it’s kind of funny.
Pancake’s channel:


R00R00CHAPMAN Youtube Channel!

So, yeah, my new Youtube Username is R00R00CHAPMAN.

R00R00CHAPMAN Staff:

R00R00CHAPMAN: I edit all the videos, and make most of them. I also started the channel. 32 more words


How to give one of your worlds to a person (Windows 7 & 8)

(You will need a flashdrive for this)                                                                                                                                                                                                               1. Go to your start button if you have Windows 7. If you have Windows 8 go to your start screen. 61 more words