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Making Magic in Minecraft

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know we’re a bit Minecraft Mad at the moment. We are in a massive WoW slump so have really been enjoying other games. 102 more words

Other Games

Minecraft: Upside Down Horse

I came I across this when I was playing on the UCC server:

This was on a server so I don’t know if somebody did this on purpose or it’s a glich, it’s funny anyways.


Favorite Video Games!

My top 10 favorite video games! One being highest, Ten being lowest… although ten is still way ahead since i’ve played most of the Cartoon Network games that have ever come out. 33 more words


Minecraft: Zombie Pigman Glich

A glich I came across a while ago:



Working On A New Adventure Map!

I call it Puzzle Adventure Quest! Yeah, I know its a bad name, but it’ll be fun! You’ll do quests and maybe it’ll be a multiplayer thing! 38 more words


Infinity Maze

Recently I taught myself how to write filter scripts in MCedit. MCedit is a tool written in Python that allows one to edit Minecraft worlds. My first project was something that I have wanted to do for a long time now: make an infinite maze; I thought I would have to learn how to mod but it turns out that I can just edit a blank world and apply a filter to it. 93 more words

Take Back The Night Fail!

I make a effort to sing Take Back The Night. Like if you laughed at my terrible singing!