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Minecraft World- Kingstron District + Latest Developments

Hey guys once again!

If you caught the post yesterday, you would have got a first glimpse of what my world has to offer. Starting from today, I will be going much more in-depth into the different areas, so that you can explore my world just like I am doing so either. 525 more words

Survivalcraft Cathedral

So lately, (the past week) I’ve been working on a world which I call the “Survivalcraft Cathedral.” It’s not actually a place of worship, (a house, actually), but it looks like one with the architecture style. 189 more words


Server is up!

Greetings everyone. Sorry  for the late post, I was busy making my mine craft server. Alpha testing is now LIVE! Up to 12 players can join for a limited time as this server is run on my powerful android. 33 more words

Minecraft PE

Cheating: Minecraft PE

I like to play Minecraft PE, because you only have to bring an iPod or iPad or something that size, and not carrying a laptop all day. 278 more words

About Minecraft

Servercrate Review

With Mojang taking their Realms service offline today, and the other options for how to create a server seeming impossible to either set up and share, we took on… 543 more words


I bought minecraft

Well  I finnally bought the computer version of mine craft. 

Minecraft PE