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Minecraft Server on Ubuntu, running OpenSSH and Ajenti

Ajenti is a neat way to remotely monitor and manage your Minecraft server, you can screen terminal sessions, create backup tasks and even perform a remote reboot, all from a single web interface. 204 more words


The Terrible Fizz_nG!

At the end of my first Minecraft Monday Stream we had our first ever (and last) griefer! A minecraft player named Fizz_nG started pouring lava everywhere! 175 more words

Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server Update!

I thought it was about time to show some of the new builds on the Minecraft server! :D First off! Here is some of the things I built! 254 more words

Happy New Year From XeneCraft!

Hello Crafters!

Well another year has come and gone and what a year it has been!  A lot of things happened on our server in 2014.   272 more words

Beta Testers

Buildanite Server Update - Building Survival Server

Today, I will be  talking about the recently named server called Buildanite, I play on this server with a few other friends and this is where we do all our minecraft gameplay and build what ever takes our choice. 68 more words


EliteVIPCraft Developers

Αυτό το blog δημιουργήθικε από την developing ομάδα του EliteVIPCraft minecraft server.
Σε αυτό το blog θα ανεβάζουμε εξελίξεις σχετικά με τον server, με τα plugins, με bug fixs, updates, και γενικά χρήσιμες πληροφορίες. 35 more words

Developer Team

Our Minecraft Server!

Our server is now little more that a week old and already we have some awesome builds! Let me give you the tour! ^^

First off, the rules! 290 more words

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