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Zak's sky island village

Zak decides he wants to build a village in the sky. He directs Ayden to build the garden and farm out one side of the island and the builds a bridge and house on the other side. 24 more words


Grand Opening

The Owner, MAXYB and myself decided to open a public Minecraft Server. I (thevegita730) manage the server whereas MAXYB runs the server. We share all the files so that I can edit anything MAXYB desires.


Zak's Minecraft Enderdragon Project

Today Zak asked Ayden to help him build an enderdragon on a creative-mode minecraft server. Zak drew a picture of the enderdragon and gave it to Ayden, explaining that it would help him to know how to build it. 47 more words


2014 #ProjectMIST is about to start, it takes a dedicated community to do this!

We have many moments of quiet in my home, there are only two of us and two dogs so quiet is not hard to achieve, but then all of a sudden the ProjectMIST Skype chat starts beeping, beeping non stop, beeping at 12:04am on a school night. 711 more words


Whoa, What Happened to the Server?

Hey Benders,

So most of you have noticed the extended downtime we’ve had. Here’s what happened:

Bending has been fixed! All moves should work just fine now. 199 more words


The team is growing, and we're off for a great start!

Hey guys!

The title says it all! We now welcome our newest member Evenw *applause*

From what I know of him, he is an awesome MC-architect from the Fixibrick server (which I definitely think you should check out!). 139 more words


Minecraft Server Hosting for Free

Minecraft is a game which has been around for quite a while now and has gone through quite a few revisions ever since its release. And even after all these changes, the game still remains a favorite among players. 395 more words