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Hello Everyone,

I will be hosting a server very soon!! This server will probably be a kind of map server – By this I mean it won’t really be a real server but, just ar parkor map or something. 208 more words

Minecraft Servers 101: Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned

So after all is said and done, I have three different (working) Minecraft servers on my Windows desktop and one almost-functional Minecraft server on my Linux netbook. 632 more words

Minecraft Server

Plan B: MinecraftEdu Server

After beating my head against the wall for hours trying to connect to my Linux Minecraft server, I decided to try for an easy win: setting up a MinecraftEdu server (on my decidedly more powerful Windows desktop). 225 more words

Minecraft Server

Linux Minecraft Server: Part II

Now the real fun begins!

OK, so it’s definitely a good idea to read through the official Minecraft server tutorial if you’re new to servers or Minecraft or both. 338 more words

Minecraft Server

Linux Minecraft Server: Part I

In order to set up a Minecraft server on my old Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook, I wanted a clean install of the operating system I was using, Lubuntu. 219 more words

Minecraft Server

Main Values of Running and managing a Minecraft server

1) Give players access to the most minecraft can do: By this I mean I value giving the player access to most everything in Minecraft that does not ruin in in-game economy or allow some sort of easy griefing to happen. 431 more words

Minecraft Server Tutorial

Starting your first Minecraft server in less than 20 Steps

1. Go to http://www.minecraft.net.

2. Click on download.

3. Go and download the minecraftserver.exe file.

4. Place it in a folder.

5. Double click on it. 178 more words

Minecraft Server Tutorial