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Lego Set: Minecraft Village

Last weekend at Icon I ended up buying a new Lego set from Blox Universe, Lego Minecraft: The Village. It’s one of four Lego Minecraft sets currently available. 275 more words


Creepers Be Creepin' - Haters Be Hatin'

Hey Guys!

I know I know.. 2 posts and I went quiet again..

Honestly my main reason for being so quiet is the simple fact that I started reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green for the first time just after I put up my last post and I just couldn’t stop reading it.. 536 more words

General Ramblings

My apology

So…hello again. It’s been a while. It’s been a very long while hasn’t it?? I won’t bother to check when my last post was; I’m pretty sure it was about a year ago. 516 more words


Combining Many Mods To Make Automation

IndustrialCraft 2 is an awesome mod. In combination with EnderIO and Mekanism, automated mining will commence! In this Minecraft episode of Utopia3 Complete, I demonstrate how to make a bunch of different machines that will allow you perform automated mining. 59 more words

Video Gaming

My minecraft world code. I know.....

Forced entities: 60 total; , acd['Squid'/280, l='MpServer', x=17.22, y=60.75, z=638.00], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/258, l='MpServer', x=-8.50, y=65.50, z=627.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/259, l='MpServer', x=-9.03, y=65.50, z=628.50], ach['Wolf'/256, l='MpServer', x=-8.72, y=63.06, z=630.41], ach['Wolf'/257, l='MpServer', x=-8.72, y=63.00, z=631.69], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/266, l='MpServer', x=10.50, y=75.50, z=614.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/267, l='MpServer', x=10.50, y=74.50, z=614.97], cgv['Drex007'/448, l='MpServer', x=10.43, y=74.15, z=614.70], acd['Squid'/265, l='MpServer', x=6.63, y=61.00, z=596.56], xj['Painting'/270, l='MpServer', x=8.50, y=76.50, z=616.03], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/268, l='MpServer', x=7.50, y=76.50, z=616.03], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/269, l='MpServer', x=10.97, y=75.50, z=620.50], xb['entity.LeashKnot.name'/447, l='MpServer', x=-21.50, y=64.50, z=618.50], xj['Painting'/270, l='MpServer', x=8.50, y=76.50, z=616.03], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/205, l='MpServer', x=-22.97, y=67.50, z=599.50], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/204, l='MpServer', x=-24.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/207, l='MpServer', x=-27.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/206, l='MpServer', x=-26.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], afu['Ice Cream Mark Mertens'/201, l='MpServer', x=-31.09, y=64.00, z=592.72], abs['Rabbit'/200, l='MpServer', x=-18.31, y=61.00, z=601.22], afu['Ice Cream Dean Mertens'/203, l='MpServer', x=-30.94, y=64.00, z=593.63], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/202, l='MpServer', x=-22.97, y=67.50, z=598.50], abs['Rabbit'/199, l='MpServer', x=-16.50, y=43.66, z=593.28], abs['Rabbit'/198, l='MpServer', x=-16.72, y=43.02, z=594.31], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/220, l='MpServer', x=-31.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/221, l='MpServer', x=-25.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], abo['Big Barry The Gaurd'/222, l='MpServer', x=-22.84, y=64.00, z=621.44], abj['Cow'/223, l='MpServer', x=-28.81, y=64.00, z=621.38], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/216, l='MpServer', x=-28.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/217, l='MpServer', x=-27.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/218, l='MpServer', x=-26.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/219, l='MpServer', x=-30.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/212, l='MpServer', x=-25.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/213, l='MpServer', x=-28.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/214, l='MpServer', x=-29.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/215, l='MpServer', x=-29.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/208, l='MpServer', x=-24.50, y=66.50, z=599.97], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/209, l='MpServer', x=-31.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], abk['Donkey'/210, l='MpServer', x=-31.69, y=65.00, z=607.28], xa['entity.ItemFrame.name'/211, l='MpServer', x=-30.50, y=65.50, z=599.97], abj['Cow'/239, l='MpServer', x=-4.56, y=61.00, z=613.44], abj['Cow'/238, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=613.44], abs['Rabbit'/224, l='MpServer', x=-18.56, y=63.00, z=629.63], abj['Cow'/254, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=614.53], abj['Cow'/255, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=614.53], abj['Cow'/252, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=614.53], abj['Cow'/253, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=613.44], abj['Cow'/250, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=613.44], abj['Cow'/251, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=613.44], abj['Cow'/248, l='MpServer', x=-4.56, y=61.00, z=613.44], abj['Cow'/249, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=614.53], abj['Cow'/246, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=614.53], abj['Cow'/247, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=613.44], abj['Cow'/244, l='MpServer', x=-4.56, y=61.00, z=613.44], abj['Cow'/245, l='MpServer', x=-4.56, y=61.00, z=614.53], afu['Shady Joe'/242, l='MpServer', x=-3.31, y=63.50, z=610.28], ach['Wolf'/243, l='MpServer', x=-10.25, y=63.50, z=617.16], abj['Cow'/240, l='MpServer', x=-4.56, y=61.00, z=614.53], abj['Cow'/241, l='MpServer', x=-3.47, y=61.00, z=614.53]]