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A Geological Wonderland Defines a Journey with Students on Ice

Museum mineralogist Dr. Paula Piilonen was thrilled this July to be part of the educational team for the annual Students on Ice Arctic expedition. Enjoy her reflections from the first part of the trip in Labrador—a true geological wonderland—which preceeded the expedition’s journey to Greenland. 829 more words


Howie Minerals...

Yesterday with David, the Museums Curator of Earth Science collections, I had my first experience in working with some of the Mineralogy collection down in the stores. 229 more words

Education and Progress.

Last week’s post was rather self-indulgent and sort of blow-your-own-trumpet-y.  This means that I am not entirely comfortable with it, but nevertheless I am going to leave it there because I suspect at some point in the distant future I will be happy that I wrote it. 459 more words