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Un ou està compost de closca (10,5%), rovell (31,5%) i clara (58,5%). La base nutricional de l’ou és la proteïna, per cada 100 grams de 12 a 14 són proteïnes. 166 more words




While the origin of the Passion Fruit plant is unknown, it is generally believed to be native to Brazil. Today, about 400 years later, passion fruit is grown nearly everywhere in the tropical belt but known by a variety of different names. 625 more words


Spirulina - The Amazing Super Food

There are many vitamin supplements on the market, it’s really difficult to know which one is right for you, a bit like choosing a good face moisturiser, serum or oil. 820 more words


TRENDY TUESDAY: Belles Au Naturel

While photographing some new TÉLIO fabrics I fell on a natural looking linen that inspired me to create a Trendy Tuesday all around the “Au Naturel” look. 155 more words


Great Lakes Media Review - April 14-20, 2014

Great Lakes media review

April 14-20, 2014

In the DRC:

On the militia leader Paul “Morgan” Sadala:

  • Poacher and militia leader Paul Sadala, aka Morgan, who had turned himself in to the Congolese army along with 42 of his militia members, was killed in custody last week.
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Novel dietery ideas

For the last couple years, actually since 2011, the health industry has been turned upside down by the statements made by Prof Tim Noakes, regarding “The Big Diet debate”. 2,225 more words