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Cleaning a Vicks Vaporizer (Humidifier)

We bought a Vicks Vaporizer a few years ago. Last season we noticed that its performance had degraded and this week, when I filled it up and plugged it in, it didn’t appear to be working. 245 more words


Thunder Eggs

The thunder egg was declared the official state rock of Oregon in 1965, because there are quite a lot of them there. A thunder egg is a rounded nodule or geode with agate in the center.  77 more words


The Radioactive Rock Metatorbernite

Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt you – at least, not if you don’t handle it for too long. And you wash your hands afterward. 238 more words


Health and Supplements: Is Your Diet Causing Deficiencies?

I have heard people tell me that they do not take supplements for several reasons:

They’re too expensive
They believe they get all the nutrients they need from their food… 518 more words

Overall Health And Wholeness

Common Dietary terms pt 2

Following the first dietary post here, these are 3 more common terms briefly explained.


These make up body components such as bones, teeth, tissues and cells. 155 more words

Healthy Eating

Top 5 Recipes to Beat the Bloat

If you’ve ever thought “this bloat got me lookin’ so crazy right now” then these recipes might be for you. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it—a physically uncomfortable feeling of a swollen belly, feeling full up to your throat or not been able to button pants that fit you this morning. 628 more words


Vitamins and Minerals for Football Players

As a student at Steubenville High School, Cody Saltsman earned a number of awards for his accomplishments as a varsity football player. Cody Saltsman attends carefully to his diet and takes a number of vitamin supplements to help him play at the highest possible level. 153 more words

Cody Saltsman