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Food Manufacturers Have Ignored Micronutrients for Too Long

All these extracts that are reintroduced has gone too far. I think it is painfully obvious that man cannot recreate the perfect food by his own hand or process. 391 more words

Gemstone Speech (This is kind of long)

Crystals Gemstones & Minerals: The Educational Speech Written by: Scarlet Dream Clayton

Crystals, minerals and gemstones. These words have all have separate definitions but are linked to certain ideas. 1,130 more words


Why Salt is Good for You

Salt is good for you?!

Perhaps you’ve heard some of the buzz in the health blog world about salt. Perhaps you are asking yourself, salt is good for me? 934 more words


On Friendship, Superstition, and Madness

So I’ve been back in the UK from Suriname for around two weeks now, and had been struggling to think of something to write about. Fortunately, that’s now changed. 1,458 more words

Generic Life

Solutions Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil 64oz

Everyone in the past say dentists, doctors even your mother, grandmother have all thought of chocolate as a junk food. But they have all forgot about the… 368 more words


Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion ULTRA with OptiMSM 474ml

Magnesium is absolutely essential to the body. Are you aware that magnesium is involved in over 300 different chemical reactions inside the body? Here are a few of the more important functions of magnesium: … 187 more words



What is a reindeer’s favorite copper sulfate mineral? Antlerite! Antlerite is named after the Antler Mine in Arizona, but was more often found in Chuquicamata Mine in Chile. 50 more words