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O is for Obsidian

Refined in fire before your birth
In a molten tempest below the earth
A powerful force of glowing red
From an explosive rage you made your bed… 54 more words

A-Z April Blog Challenge

1 All Natural Organic Advanced Greens Superfood with Amazing

Sea Veg is a natural product of sea vegetations that provides necessary minerals and vitamins to keep us healthy and active in our day to day lives. 215 more words

Spring blush

Looking for the perfect blush for spring ? I recommend the Simmer mineralize blush by MAC. It is lightweight in its texture when applied to the skin and can act as a highlighter and blush depending on how you apply it. 48 more words


Gurudev, spirituality has become a buzzword amongst many people. Everybody wants to say ‘I meditate, I am spiritual’. What is spirituality?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: 3,448 more words


I Have Rocks In My Head


When I was a little girl, my sister had a box with a small book about minerals and some mineral samples in it. I spent hours looking at both. 174 more words

Feed Your Hair

Does your hair seem to be thinning, growing slower than normal, or becoming brittle? You may need to take a serious assessment of your diet. A poor diet that doesn’t give you adequate vitamins and minerals can affect your scalp and hair health tremendously. 278 more words

ABN Mineral Makeup! And ABN Primer equals 24 hr staying power!

ABN’s new line of mineral makeup used with their ABN Makeup Primer means extra long staying power!
There is nothing more annoying in the realm of makeup when you spend a generous amount of time ensuring your makeup looks beautiful and perfect, just to get a glance in the mirror a few hours later and realize your effort was in vain. 117 more words