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The Miners' Strike in South Wales, 1984-85, part 1

“The policies of this government are clear – to destroy the coal industry and the NUM.”

Arthur Scargill, President, National Union of Mineworkers

“History will record that the British miner decided on a strategy of industrial action because he could not accept that the role of families was to go to unemployment exchanges.”

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Pride: There Is Power In The Union

Ordinarily, the more I like a current release, the less I want to write about it. Not through superstition or a kind of hipster snobbery – “no one else should be into this thing because they’ll only like it wrong” is stupid, and with small films actively damaging – but through a kind of fear that, should I express enthusiasm for the thing, ten thousand people will descend at once to explain to me that I am wrong, bad, and On Some Kind of List for having liked it. 401 more words

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Pride Review // OhKay-DohKay

Every now and again a film, book or song comes along and something about it completely changes the way you see things, making you think about things in an entirely different light or inspiring you in a way you never imagined. 358 more words

Gay Pride

Movietime HOA Sept 15 7.30pm GMT


After my recent illness, I’m hoping to resume HOA videocasts, starting with Movietime TODAY,  Monday September 15, 7.30pm. Insh’Allah, I’m getting better. 78 more words



The other night I went to see Pride at Tyneside Cinema and it was awesome.

Not like awesome in the way the word is used every day. 682 more words


Review: Pride (2014)

Co-Written by Lewis Mainwaring

Pride tells the story of ‘Lesbians & Gays Support The Miners‘; a real activist movement who came out in support of the miners during the 1984-1985 strike. 421 more words