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David Peace on "Darkness, Darkness"

As I’ve said elsewhere – and as anyone who’s read the afterword to Darkness, Darkness will know – it took a number of conversations with fellow-writer David Peace at… 252 more words

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Liverpool Exhibition of Photographs: 30th Anniversary of the 1984-1985 Miner's Strike #Archive #minersstrike #MinersStrike30

An Exhibition of Photographs on the 30th Anniversary of the 1984-1985 Miner’s Strike by Reportdigital.co.uk

Thirty years ago Margaret Thatcher hoped to transform Britain into a “Greed is Good” society, “The method is economics” proposed Thatcher “but the aim is to change the soul”. 272 more words


Classic book: The Enemy Within

I look back at Seamus Milne’s classic The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against The Miners. This article is available on the Red Pepper website.


16 August - Day of Action

Many people who have watched Miners Shot Down have asked us “what can we do to help the justice campaign?” One of the most important things we can do is to make the 16th August a ‘special’ day, similar to the 21st of March, the day of the Sharpeville Massacre and June 16th when 76 school students were mowed down in Soweto. 337 more words

Miners Shot Down

Striking Miners Proudly Remembered at Liverpool James Larkin March

Striking Miners Proudly Remembered at Liverpool James Larkin March

Sunday 20th July 2014.

The 30th Anniversary of the 1984 Miners Strike was rembembed in Liverpool today by the annual James Larkin March & Rally which celebrates the life and work of the Liverpool-born Irish Trade Unionist and Socialist.  101 more words

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Wu and the art of ghetto revolution, pt. 2.2

I told you last time around that this post would look at Georges Sorel’s idea of faith, and its connection with some of the ideas expressed or implicit in the… 575 more words

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The 18 members of el-Batsh Family, murdered tonight by #IOF

1. Naahed Na’im el-Batsh 41 years
2. Baha Majid el-Batsh 28 years
3. Qusay ‘Essam el-Batsh 12 years (c)
4. Azizah Joseph el-Batsh 59 years (f) 71 more words

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