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Like an Empress

One day I’ll do one of these photoshoots just to see how I’ll as a traditional Chinese Empress. Ming dynasty is the new black (corny)


Wuxi, July 2011. 

The Monk Who Ruled His Nation

In one of history’s most unlikely rises to power, a Chinese peasant brought down the Mongols and established the Ming Dynasty.

The story begins in the 14th century, when the future Hongwu emperor was born as Zhu Chongba, a poor peasant of Haozhou (about 100 miles northwest of Nanjing, near China’s east coast). 437 more words


Off-the-beaten path in Yunnan : a trip to Zhengying village

Try and google ‘Shiping‘ and the search engine will kindly ask you : “Did you mean shipping ?” Thank you google. I did… 1,002 more words

Ancient Village

Ming Victory over Japanese Pirates Scroll

Credits to Mei Cheung for correcting my draft translation and Azusa Matawari for her help with the Japanese text.

After a hiatus to take care of my new baby girl and a holiday to the Rockies I got the itch to write again. 1,693 more words


The ruins of Yuxian village in northeast Guangdong

With his grin and his chubby cheeks, Master He (贺), the only monk in the village, looked like Buddha Maitreya, the smiling Buddha whose statue throned at the entrance of the temple. 827 more words

Ancient Village

Shanghai, China

June 2009

One of the more prominent things I remember about Shanghai, and China in general, is the smog. It never lifted. When we first looked out of our hotel windows, we thought it was just a morning fog. 649 more words


Ming musical moments

A Ming imperial porcelain flask visits Glasgow, by Tom Furniss

In the deepest deeps of old slow time,
Five thousand miles from here,
Two continents of clay collide, 525 more words