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Yunnan ethnic clothes at Shandong Provincial Museum.


S. Martin Shelton's Upcoming Novel

During the chaos that was China in 1935, Randall Kendrick, a wealthy American collector of fine oriental art, and his savvy daughter, Ingrid, embark on an adventurous quest to purchase a cache of extremely rare Ming yellow porcelains.   128 more words

Huangcheng Xiangfu : Kangxi Imperial Manor in Shanxi

Flashback in southern Shanxi province (山西). This region of north China, on the left banks of the Yellow River (黄河) remains unknown to foreign travellers, but it concentrates most of China’s civilian castles (民间古堡) which were built between the late Ming (1368-1644) and early Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.  945 more words


Glimpse the Golden Age of China at British Museum's Ming Exhibition

From glittering bejeweled headdresses and golden robes, to ornately carved redwood furniture, ‘Ming: 50 years that changed China’ reveals the history of a superpower that built its empire through the trading of its treasures. 273 more words

Bringing a Ming painting back to life

Jin Xian Qiu, Senior Conservator of Chinese Paintings and Carol Weiss, Conservator of Chinese Paintings, British Museum

On entering the BP exhibition Ming: 50 years that changed China… 1,181 more words

British Museum

History Links: Oh No You DIDN'T

The Guardian has a truly stupid article about Richard III’s bones showing a likelihood that the Queen is not descended from Edward III, which ignores the fact that so many cousins married each other in medieval England that even if one of the Queen’s ancestors was not an Edward III descendant, probably half a dozen more WERE. 262 more words