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Fighting Fiction

With the world in a particularly turbulent place at the moment we’ve been a little hesitant to post conflict-related creations. Today though our Elves (who regularly make the office a turbulent place too) have discovered a pair of fictional fighting vehicles that are a nice safe distance from the painful reality of Ukraine, Iraq and Gaza. 105 more words


Small Starfighters

Like all fans of Lego*, The Lego Car Blog Elves love a good swooshing session every now and then. Of course it’s not much fun if you’re the unfortunate Elf who is being swooshed at the time. 239 more words


Truck Time

Shipping is big business, and even though your local carrier doesn’t drive a Ferrari (seriously though, how cool would that be), they somehow manage to bring excitement and joy in parcel form, without a V12 engine. 57 more words


Air Force One

It’s time for some American patriotism here at TLCB, and the supremely talented Orion Pax gives us just the model to do it! His brilliant mini-figure scale recreation of the President’s Boeing 747-200 – otherwise known as ‘Air Force One’ – can be found on Flickr. 13 more words


Classic Camping

The sun has been shining for weeks here at TLCB Towers, so we’re feeling very picnic-y!

This superb mini-figure Volkswagen Camper by Flickr’s Kosmas Santosa… 35 more words


Steam Wars

After yesterday’s history lesson we’re sticking with the historical theme for this post, but at the other end of the Silliness Spectrum!

Star Wars and Steampunk are both pretty nerdy things, but combining the two is a whole new level of nerdidity*. 51 more words


The Butterfly Effect

Some cars are important for reasons far beyond their parts. This is one such vehicle, the 1911 Graf & Stift Double Phaeton. It was – as you can see – truly lovely, like so many of the long forgotten pioneer motorcars. 209 more words