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Big Change #1 - Run It Away

A few weeks ago, I had mentioned a lot of change was taking place in my life. I thought now would be a good time to divulge one of these major changes, one moment at a time. 903 more words

Flora Women's Mini Marathon

So, Monday was the big day!

I was so nervous as I reckoned that I hadn’t done enough coming up to it. I went along regardless with the better half and the best friend (he was on picture duty, she was also running). 368 more words

Physical Recreation

It’s not just a t-shirt. No, it’s much more than that. It’s what that t-shirt represents. It represents what happened and why it happened. Well, you still don’t really know why it happened but it did. 1,081 more words

Walk on Wednesdays - Flora Women's Mini Marathon 2014 Update

Barbara Cleary the winner of the 2014 Flora Women’s Mini Marathon crossed the line in 34 minutes, 7 seconds. I would like to say we were not too far behind her but I think that might lead to uncontrollable laughter and some disbelief. 320 more words

Flora Women's Mini Marathon

Today was the annual Flora Woman’s Mini Marathon so I went out and grabbed a few snaps. Loved how people worked as a team to get to the finish line :) 35 more words


But sure lookit...


It’s something I’ve wanted to say all week but when?

Anyway, Women’s Mini Marathon is on today in Dublin and Elverys Sports has some great energising posters along the route – especially towards the end where they’re needed. 204 more words