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Fifteen Minutes I'll Never Regret

Ten horses, five dogs, three kids…and me…all day…..all night…..everyday. This is my 24/7 job. No quiet thirty minute lunch breaks to munch a sandwich in peace and quiet, no going to the bathroom alone. 410 more words


This much I know is True

No matter what is happening in my life, I know every morning without fail, Twilight, our 20 year young gentleman of the farm, will always be in this exact spot. 141 more words


TGIT, Because Friday's Coming

I really like Thursday evenings, partially because it is when the good tv comes on, and partially because it is the night before the weekend. A whole weekend to look forward to. 280 more words

My die hard mini horse girl.....


JavaScript required to play wpid-20141118_181723.mp4.

Aside from all the snot….this is Owl our 22 month old throwing a fit because she didn’t get to go feed miniature horses with me….she keeps repeating “my minis….my minis…” 115 more words


Rejected by his mama, a miniature horse foal is destined to be therapist for people

By Hunterdon County Democrat

“It’s always a pleasure when ‘Feel Good Sunday’ rolls around and this installation will surely warm your hearts as well as your souls.  727 more words

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