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This much I know is True

No matter what is happening in my life, I know every morning without fail, Twilight, our 20 year young gentleman of the farm, will always be in this exact spot. 141 more words


TGIT, Because Friday's Coming

I really like Thursday evenings, partially because it is when the good tv comes on, and partially because it is the night before the weekend. A whole weekend to look forward to. 280 more words

My die hard mini horse girl.....


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Aside from all the snot….this is Owl our 22 month old throwing a fit because she didn’t get to go feed miniature horses with me….she keeps repeating “my minis….my minis…” 115 more words


Rejected by his mama, a miniature horse foal is destined to be therapist for people

By Hunterdon County Democrat

“It’s always a pleasure when ‘Feel Good Sunday’ rolls around and this installation will surely warm your hearts as well as your souls.  727 more words

Horse News

Viral Video of the Week: Tiny Horse Does What It Pleases

When you’re a miniature horse, life is good. No one is threatened by you and only Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Benes hate you everyone thinks you’re great, which means you can pretty much… 100 more words


The Year of the Little Horses

About a year ago, we went to the local fair, and saw the cutest little miniature horse fillies. They were four and five months old. After several family discussions, we decided to get them both. 140 more words