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Battle of Cos Using Hail, Agrippa! Rules

Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a game of Hail, Agrippa! at the Dogs of War shop. The Hail, Agrippa! rules are a modification of Hail Caesar published in Issue 66 of ‘Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy’ magazine. 323 more words

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WWI Naval Battle – Italians vs French

In another non-historical scenario, the Italians decide the Central Powers will be the winning side. The Italian fleet sails out to challenge the French fleet. 286 more words

Miniature Wargames

Starship Troopers AAR

On March 22nd the local HMGS-South group played a Starship Troopers game.

Three scientists required evacuation by Mobile Infantry when their lab was attacked by the Arachnids. 157 more words

Miniature Wargames

Polyversal -- New 6mm SciFi Game

The latest Meeples & Miniatures podcast, Episode #124, has a very interesting discussion with Ken Whitehurst about his upcoming 6mm scifi ruleset Polyversal. The game is being published by… 257 more words

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WWI Naval Battle - Mediterranean 1917

This fictional scenario was designed to test new destroyer/torpedo boat guide algorithms. For each fleet, two ships can be designated as guides. DD/TB units can then be ordered to take station on those guides instead of being given normal movement orders. 210 more words

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WWI Naval Battle – North Sea 1916

This fictional scenario was designed to test revised torpedo algorithms and also to experiment with several tactical concepts mentioned in Friedman, Naval Weapons of World War One… 293 more words

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