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Le Petit Théâtre Dior

Images courtesy of Dior

Slightly obsessed with this exhibition of sixty miniature Dior couture dresses. Wish it would come to Toronto.

Paris, March 1945 : in a city still lacking almost everything due to the hardships of World War II, an extraordinary exhibition attracted thousands of Parisian visitors.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Livid

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Livid!

(which is a fancy way of saying blue-grey)

To participate:

  • Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge: Livid”
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Persian miniature

Persian miniature begins with the Mongol Ilkhanid dinasty in the 13th century. First artists followed the Mesopotamian traditions with figures tied to the baseline and blank background. 189 more words


tuck-in # 1,667 (approximate)

Lovely miniature neighbourhood of night,
just assembled from some titan’s toybox,
lamplit and shrouded in clouds,
tucked snugly in gloom.
Parked cars on sleepy streets, 35 more words


Lawn croquet

Summer’s drawing to a close, but on days like today, there’s still time for a game of croquet.  Are you up for a game? You’ll need to bring nimble fingers, as these mallets are thinner than a blade of grass, and a good aim, as the hoops are about as big as a grass seed. 18 more words

Hand Made

"Into the Dalek"

This past week’s episode was an interesting one! Not only did we get to see a Dalek be “good” for a change, but we got to see inside of a Dalek miniature style! 381 more words


Cirebon from the sky!

Untuk sampai saat ini, ini merupakan pengambilan foto paling penuh perjuangan. Seperti biasa sore hari setelah pulang kantor, janjian dengan orang yang bernama Abil ha2 Abil lagi, Abil lagi yang penting tidak ababil. 167 more words