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Lily Dollhouse – Greenleaf (Day 6) (23 hours)

Baby slept early so i had time to paint the front part of the house. Do not use acrylics!!!!. As you can see from the progress, it took me 3 hours and 7 coats before i get it to look somewhat white and opaque.   51 more words

Lily Dollhouse - Greenleaf

Diorama effect of a summer landscape

Colorful summer landscape with a diorama effect (or miniature effect).

This photo is available for print here.


Lily Dollhouse – Greenleaf (Day 5) (20 hours)


ast night, I painted the main staircase dark brown. No troubles there.  I took sometime figuring out what I should be doing next.  Tested out the wallpapers and wrote down the number of sheets i needed.   30 more words

Lily Dollhouse - Greenleaf