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Rope Bridge Design

This was made before I started this blogging mess. Charles and I wanted an iconic rope bridge for our Lost Temple style dungeon. I mean how could we even call it that if we didn’t have one? 201 more words


More from the Lizardman army I’m working on for a client. This time I’m working on Skinks. These guys are the test models for the unit. 107 more words


Fiery Coal Pits Tutorial

First, take some foam board and cut it to the size of the floor piece you want. Then glue together Hirst Art bricks in the outer edge design that you want. 592 more words

Groovy mushroom wallhanging

I want my mid century house to feel homey and authentic, although it will be an updated, 21st century version of how a mid century house would look. 118 more words

Dollhouse Project

Take These Broken Wings...

More New Dark Eldar models incoming next week from GW.

See above leaked images of the front covers of next week’s White Dwarf and Warhammer visions bearing shiny pictures of the DE’s new, flying, hotness the… 61 more words


The weekend, and How Monday tried to kill me.

Hellooo Monday! I hate you
Today did not start off great. Woke up about 4am, daughter was thirsty so i got her something to drink and while I’m at it I take a drink as well, and inhale all of it. 217 more words


Monday Miniatures: Anval

This miniature is scary even when it is unpainted. One of our regular painters did point out that it is ridiculous to wear that much armor when none of it is protecting your vital organs. 299 more words