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Discworld - The Luggage

Back in the early 1980’s an interesting bloke defined the colour of magic as Octarine. (A sort of fluorescent greenish-yellow-purple.) I think this was the first novel I ever read that regularly used footnotes. 323 more words


We Dont Do Numbers But We Are Organised

We are back for the new year and we are dropping numbers as we reached a number the Hobbit can’t deal with….

In this episode we catch up on the news, then we discuss the new years organised play packs for Warmahordes and Malifaux. 50 more words

Podcast Episode

First Relic Knight Session: Cerci vs Corsairs 35 pts

Had my first Relic Knights game last Sunday. We played 35 points because that was the amount of painted models that we have for both sides. 692 more words

The Little Sensei

Painting 7 - The Mummy's curse

“Even now the fearful eyes of that hideous Mummy seem to glare upon me; and even now I feel the gripe of its horrid bony fingers on my arm!” 288 more words

Fantasy and Reality

I am more than willing to reveal the nasty side of miniatures. Here goes: Rear Window windows…

The Fantasy:

The Reality:

Miniature Settings

Battle of Coronel - sort of ...

First trial of the Victory at Sea: Age of Dreadnoughts rules with regular opponent Wally, and it was loosely based on Coronel, the first battle in the book. 312 more words

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First game!

Painting and Taking

I was finally able to get into the paint and take at Pax South. I was hoping to get it done in as close to 15 minutes as possible, but I ended up spending closer to 45. 168 more words