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What Makes a Mini

A miniature book is like a baby… Such a tiny thing, but it requires so much!  Look how much equipment it took to make this book, which is less than two centimetres high. 8 more words


Mordheim Terrain Tutorial – El Cinco

Finally! A freaking update! OK, so I will not bore you with details as to why I have not posted an update to the tutorial in while. 919 more words


Rollo - Showing my work

Excuse the super rough work, but I thought these pics were pretty cool to see the process I’m experimenting with.

Initially I worked in shadows over the basecoat/midtone (Redstone Highlight). 148 more words


Salvage Mech Construct - Update 1

Continuing my weekend of “paint multi-legged mechs,” I started on the Salvage Mech Construct from DeepWars.  I decided I would try to emulate Antimatter’s painting style (without spending too much time on it).  83 more words


Rollo WIP 3

Roughing in some highlights. I also tried the eyes, we’ll have to live with ‘glints’ for now. Give me some eyes to paint, Tre! I somehow managed to swap highlights on the back shoulders. Woops.


Let's reberu appu! ("Level Up!" レベル・アップ!)

Is it possible to do anything anymore without wondering how many people around the world might think it’s awesome?

For a very long time I was satisfied doing my little hobbies in my own way to my own satisfaction — weren’t we all? 1,177 more words

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