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The Paint Pain: Freebooter´s Fate

Back again fast today:)

Recently I bought a bunch of Freebooter miniatures, induced this was, by the missing of a miniature in their online store. Miniatures regularly fall out of production at Freebooters, when they feel a new mould would not be justified by the to be expected earnings. 77 more words


Good Rockin' Brown and Filthy Harold - Western models!

Another quick update to the blog, as it’s overdue! With my new job being much more taxing on my painting time, I’ve done a few little bits and bobs to keep things fresh for me and, more importantly, to be able to tell myself that I can still finish a model or two in time. 263 more words


Norman Spearmen & Bowmen

Figures by BTD, Crusader and Gripping Beast.

Paint plan for the bowmen include:

Plague Brown (Vallejo) with Yellowed Bone (Reaper) highlight

Highland Moss (R) with Khaki (V) highlights… 10 more words


Warhammer! The End Times

The End Times, indeed!

I wrote a little blog over on tumblr yesterday, in celebration of both the release of the new Nagash “miniature”, as well as the announcement he’ll have his own little army to keep him going, headed by the three Mortarchs. 202 more words

Games Workshop


I am back, after almost a month hiatus the Bearditorials are coming again….Sorry!

So what have I missed over the last month? Well GW going into overdrive apparently. 335 more words


The gears, they are a-grinding

On Scent of a Gamer, I mainly talk about what I like. But there’s one thing about miniatures games that really grinds my gears – the so-called two-player starter sets. 318 more words