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Anthony Watkins 'Connections' |Minimal-house textures with Sublime Electronica brushes

★ Minimal-house textures with Sublime Electronica brushes bring Huge Atmospheres on fly !

Anthony Watkins is one of the guys behind Cymbol, an electronic music duo from Swansea, United Kingdom featured already within the Progrezo Records family with an outstanding ep. 163 more words

Massio 'Future Transition' | Modern Electronica Atmosphere

★ Modern Electronica Atmosphere aimed straight on sophisticated DJ sets and rooms !

Mexican newcomer Massio is a talented DJ and producer with such a luscious taste of music and a particular style of building live sets with quality beats driven from deep-techno atmospheres to hypnotic house beats with skills to make difference in the night. 184 more words

Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Dancing Before the Cataclysm (Probable Disco #2)

All over the world you can hear someone asking, “Guess what?” When you hear this question, THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN TELL THEM!


1st May 2014: it's album release day!

The first album “Gehörsam!” by Kaffikannski is now released and available for download on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify, CDBaby and many others.

“Gehörsam!” contains 15 live mixed tracks of fine electronic music ranging from soulful, relaxing ambient and chill out to energizing, hypnotic minimal house. 13 more words

Available For Download

Looper - First [L001]

Debut release from a new mysterious label called Looper.



Living a Vagabond Life

Whether I have wanted to or not (NOT), I have been living a vagabond-type lifestyle for awhile now. While I was out of the country last year, my house fell apart, and was removed from the property. 935 more words