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Spending Freeze

Due to my guilty conscience after spending money, I have decided to go on a spending freeze.

The website AndThenWeSaved outlines it here even though it is called a spending fast. 219 more words

Never Ending Battle

Over the past few days, I have learned that minimalism is war made up of many battles – a battle against consumerism, a battle against clutter, a battle against. 280 more words

So it turns out I'm bad at this

I don’t mean blogging…although that could be argued as well.  Consistency has never been my strong suit.

My whole minimalist living, decluttering deal has not exactly been a success thus far.   168 more words

Minimalist Habits I: Do Less, Better

“If you seek tranquility, do less.” Or (more accurately) do what’s essential – what the logos of a social being requires, and in the requisite way.

1,415 more words

Being Diligent

Clearly, my resolve to write more has been benched this year.  That being said, it’s been an amazing freakin’ year.  It started with the Swede, so to speak, as we had our first date on New Year’s Day and has been a whirlwind of adventures since then.   261 more words


Why I stopped decluttering

This might seem like a bit of an unusual title for a blog about minimalism but it’s something I want to talk about because two weeks ago I did just that -and today I am going to talk about why. 483 more words


Simplify Your Mind

No, it’s not about being mindless, mind you. Simplifying your mind means that you’re limiting the waves of seemingly infinite information, leaving you with less information to be digested at a time. 313 more words