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Project 333 - Black & White

From time to time I set myself mini challenges to force me to push the boundaries of my streamlined wardrobe.  I decided that this week would be entirely monochromatic – a black and white theme. 251 more words


San Francisco to Chicago: Hippies, Yurts and Yaks

For a travel writer who has spent a goodly part of the last 15 years out of the country, there’s something special about driving across my own country. 860 more words


Our Minimalist Journey

Tired of feeling weighed down by things, we decided to clear the clutter and embrace a simpler lifestyle. With myriads of blogs guiding us on our way, so begun our journey of consciously living with less. 358 more words



At the end of the day between work, exercise, playing with the kids, cooking, and many other things that demand your attention, you’re usually left wondering where all your time went. 403 more words


Minimalism and Revision

I’ve been getting into minimalism recently. It’s always been a dormant part of my nature, but I’m starting to act on it. In September, I wore… 391 more words



Something I spend a lot of time worrying about my finances and how I can better prepare myself should anything happen in the future. Through my daily exercise routine and success with weight loss I know that in order to accomplish any of my goals I need to dedicate my time and effort towards making it happen. 422 more words


How Everything Fits Together Part 2

Last time I talked about talked about depression I showed a diagram that explained how it all the topics of this blog fit together – how depression is affected by and affects minimalism, polyamory, and communal living. 557 more words