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Shirt, Light, Chair

Sometimes very simple things are very beautiful.


Project 333 - My Favourite

I have a fairly streamlined collection of clothes thanks to my participation in Project 333 as well as generally narrowing down the selection of clothes that I own.  171 more words


Let's start here: an intro

My name is Sam Manzella, and the amount of stuff I own stresses me out on the daily.

I’m 17 years old as of now (April 15, 2014.) I’m about to head to college after I graduate high school. 457 more words


The Mystery Bag

I’ve had this bag of stuff for longer than I’ve known my husband. It’s definitely lived in four different homes with me, maybe five. It lurks under dining room tables, in lofts, behind desks, in the back of wardrobes – maybe it’s even been to Narnia and met Mr Tumnus? 133 more words


Minimalism and the One Way of Doing Things

Do you remember when you were young and you encountered something that seemed just downright stupid to you? You thought at the time why would anybody do that? 314 more words


Dogmatic vs. Practical Minimalism

I’m a minimalist. I feel kind of pretentious just saying it. That’s not without cause. Today’s minimalist movement really picked up speed right around the 2008 financial crisis, which isn’t too surprising. 1,142 more words


Digitization vs. Throw Away

Now that I’m well under way digitizing the paper collection I’ve accumulated over years I’ve had to make a decision over and over again – do I digitize this or do I throw it away. 426 more words