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Will a new laptop make me a better blogger?

We all know that the answer to that is no, and yet it’s so easy to get get drawn into that kind of thinking. I’m typing this on said new laptop, and reflecting that despite my efforts to downsize and embark on a more minimalist lifestyle, I’m still quite attached to buying shiny new things and upgrading. 94 more words


New pictures and updates!

I know it has been a while but I will be posting some of the things I have been doing.! I really had to step back, and work on de-cluttering. 26 more words


My Minimalism Dream

If I could have one personal wish fulfilled, it would be the kookiest thing for most people.

The fulfillment of this wish would light me up and send me soaring. 147 more words


How to de-clutter your Facebook Newsfeed without de-friending anyone

About a month ago, Facebook got a lot of crap for performing psychological experiments on their users by messing with their news feeds and measuring the impact on their moods (as evidenced by subsequent status updates.   1,050 more words


Day 202: Keep Lining Things Up!

July 21 – Day 202: Keep lining things up! I saw this striped shadow perspective, today & thought about getting things lined up and ready for the future. 90 more words


On minimalism.

A journey into minimalism is very personal; one which, upon embarking, would challenge my own sense of being. However, when the sun sets, it was simple what was being sought. 493 more words


Project 333 for College: Part 1

I’ve discussed my love affair with minimalism and my previous discovery of Project 333 previously on the blog. Namely, in this post, where I waxed poetic… 452 more words