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The Two Types of Minimalists (And why you shouldn't worry about which one you are)

I’ve been reading minimalist blogs for over 18 months now and in that time I have also read a lot of people’s experiences and a lot of comments. 1,016 more words


The Ever-Changing Market: Harm to Minimalism

When I was a kid, PlayStation One was phenomenal. Nearly every family in my neighborhood had one, myself included. Everyday, I would sneak in at least an hour of game time (unless my parents said no, because I was so naïve and obedient) immediately after I reached home from school. 236 more words


The Bittersweet Allure of Forced Minimalism

Yesterday morning, my iPhone crashed while updating and I had to restore it to factory settings. Because for some reason I didn’t have it backed up, that meant I lost everything off my phone. 281 more words


Tangled Headphones. New Bicycle.

Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. 957 more words


The Man Who Quit Money

Imagine, for a moment, giving up money for good. That means no mortgage, no car, no insurance, and no bartering. This is exactly what one man did in the riveting book, “The Man Who Quit Money,” written by Mark Sundeen. 181 more words


3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Magazines

I used to buy a huge stash of weeklies and monthlies. All the gossip, celebrity, beauty and health magazines I could get my hands on. If I saw a new magazine had hit the news stand, it would be in my basket faster than I could read the cover. 340 more words