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Day 209: Step up your game!

July 28 – Day 209: Step up your game! It was Final Exam night in my Small Business class, at SF City College, tonight & I saw these overhead stairs on Ocean Avenue and thought about education as a stairway up to new goals in your life. 127 more words


Hang Ups

I just took my first baby steps at minimalizing.  I took clothes out of my closet and bagged them up.  I’m not ready to sort them–trash, donate, sell.  95 more words



My bare feet are connecting to the Earth, through in the small grassy island situated in an urban sea of chaos. I am en route to a weekly engagement, the redistribution of food; feeding the hungry. 317 more words

Project 333 for College: Part 2

It’s the post you’ve all been patiently waiting for: the list. The stuff. The 33 items I’ll be using in my Project 333 capsule wardrobe. In case you missed the last post in this series, in which I explained why I’m doing Project 333 for my first semester of college and what this series will entail, here’s the link. 891 more words


Tech: The best / good phones under £150 (July 2014)

There are many reasons why you’d want to get a cheaper phone.

I find mobile phones to be somewhat paradoxical. I’m tempted to spend more on a phone as it’s probably going to be the piece of technology I use most. 845 more words

Buying Guide

Day 204: Broadcast Your Goals!

July 23 – Day 204: Broadcast your goals! I saw this radio dish at SF City College, tonight & thought about broadcasting your goals to help make them happen. 117 more words


Will a new laptop make me a better blogger?

We all know that the answer to that is no, and yet it’s so easy to get get drawn into that kind of thinking. I’m typing this on said new laptop, and reflecting that despite my efforts to downsize and embark on a more minimalist lifestyle, I’m still quite attached to buying shiny new things and upgrading. 94 more words